Simpsons Tapped Out hack v4

Donuts and money for your favorite game. More »

Crime City hack v2

Respect, money, gold, steel and others. More »

Hay Day Hack v2.2 by ReVoluTiON!

Hay Day Hack v2.2 by ReVoluTiON! works on multiple devices and provides unlimited coins and diamonds. More »

The Sims Freeplay Hack

This hack is made for my girlfriend Sheila :D. It will give you infinite simoleons, energy, simcash and experience. More »

Deer Hunter 2014 Hack

Infinite Cash and Gold for Deer Hunter 2014, quick and with an user friendly interface. More »

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Hack

Unlimited Clams, Coins, Double XP and others. More »


Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack

Dino-Hunter-Deadly-Shores-HackThe Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is a hack tool that generates unlimited gold, cash, silver permit and unlocks all weapons. The game is made by Glu, a company with great experience in mobile gaming well known for it’s Deer Hutner 2014 game. Even the interface is similar to that game. Glu saw that there is a great potential in games involving hunting and dinosaurs and made this marvelous game. But, as all the other games from the same company, they feature microtransactions; in this case, gold and cash is sold. But don’t worry, Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack is here to save you! Download the Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack and you can have millions of gold and cash wherever and whenever you want.

Gold is the premium currency of this game and with it, you can buy premium weapons  from this four types of weapons; Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Exotics. You will also need cash for them, and we assure you that the Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack generates both cash and gold in unlimited amounts. You can also buy upgrading parts for Power, Stability, Max Zoom, Infrared, Capacity, Reload Time, Fire Rate and Suppression. But if you don’t want to waste your time buying weapons separately, we have also included the unlock all weapons feature. Tick that and you will have all the weapons unlocked in no time!  Sometimes, you may need silver permits in order to hunt. The Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack also generates unlimited silver permits. The Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack is easy to use. Download it, open and tick the device you use. Next, press on check device. Tick the resources you need and type the amount. The final step is to press on start hack. Your game should look something like this:


Now that you know how to use the Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack, let’s remind you once again the resources it generates

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Silver permit

Download the Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack from below




Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack

Kritika Chaos Unleashed HackThe Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is a hack that generates unlimited gold and karat (diamonds), as well as unlimited HP, MP and double XP. Kritika is one of the most expected RPG’s and we think that it’s one of the finest games in it’s genre. Made by Gamevil, hack-and-slash game is innovative in gameplay, but not in how players gain their resources. They use the same micro-transactions schemes applied to almost all the other games: they ask you to pay for karats. The Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack will generate unlimited karats and you can use it anytime you want. Download once and use it for unlimited times, to generate unlimited resources!

Karats are the premium resources of this game (they are also called diamonds by some). With them you can buy several premium items, like keys needed to open chests. With gold and karats you can enchace your skillsor buy items to become better. Do you die faster than you want? No problem! The Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack also generate unlimited HP and MP, special for all the players who don’t want to use gold and karats but to only pass a harder level or mission in order to pass it. Also, if you think that your character is gaining too less XP, check the double XP feature. Now, the Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack is very easy to use and has the same interface on both Android and iOS. You don’t have to download it on your PC since this app can be directly opened on your phone. To be able to use it, first download and open the Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack. Tap on the red off buttons to become on for the features you want. Type the amount of gold and karats you need and then press on save. Your game should look something like this:

Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack proof

Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack generates

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited karats (diamonds)
  • Unlimited MP & HP
  • Double XP

Download the Kritika Chaos Unleashed Hack from here:




Stardom Hollywood Hack

Stardom Hollywood Hack

The Stardom Hollywood Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android, is a new hack tool that generates unlimited stars, cash, energy and level. After a month of break, we are really happy to return and to bring new hacks for all the gamers around the world. :) The game is made by Glu, one of the biggest developers in the mobile video game field. But this is another game plagued by micro-transactions, bothering players to buy cash and stars in order to advance in this game. We do not agree and we fell that you should have stars and cash anytime you want without to pay. That’s why we have made the Stardom Hollywood Hack.

Stardom Hollywood Hack generates both premium and main currency in Stardom Hollywood. Stars, the premium currency for this game, are used for buying a lot of things, like cloths, houses, furniture, access to clubs, pets, energy and to make people happy. They are pretty hard to get; you’ll have to get high ratings, achievements, goals and so on, things which, ironically, is needed to get those. But we don’t recommend buying them from the Starshop! That would be a terrible mistake! Glu has enough players so enough money, so they don’t need yours. You can use the Stardom Hollywood Hack and get all the stars you want for free, anytime you want! The second resource generated by the Stardom Hollywood Hack is cash, which can be used. to purchase clothing, houses, furniture, pets, using the bus and the airplane and certain actions at Starbeans, bars, clubs, restaurants, and on dates. Cash is indeed easier to get; you need to shoot movies, TV shows, and commercials, and get high ratings. But it’s easier to generate unlimited cash by using the Stardom Hollywood Hack. If you feel that your progress in this game is too slow, just set the level you want. You can also boost your energy thanks to the The Stardom Hollywood Hack. The Stardom Hollywood Hack  works on iOS and Android and doesn’t require root or jailbreak in order to work. The hack will auto-detect your device, you’ll just have to tick the resources you need and type the amount you need and press on Patch. After the Stardom Hollywood Hack finished patching the game, it should look something like this:


Stardom Hollywood Hack generates

  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Customizable Level

Download the Stardom Hollywood Hack from here:


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack

Kim Kardashian Hollywood HackThe Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android, is the only hack that generates unlimited cash and stars. We do like Kim Kardashian, but that’s not the reason for which we made this hack. We created the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack for Emad’s girlfriend, Anne, Emad beeing of one of our colleague hacker, . The game is made by Glu, which is a great developer. Still, they use the In-app purchase schemes every other developer use. You won’t have to spend anything on this game after using the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, that’s for sure. We will also give you some brief Kim Kardashian: Hollywood tips below.

The premium currency in this game are the stars. And you get too less stars at the beginning of the game: two for completing the Leave so chic quest and another one for leveling up. Stars are used for premium items like 6 stars for a watch, 10 for a bracelet or 15 for some sunglasses. Cash, the second resource generated by the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, is more common and can be earned by completing the tasks required. For them you can buy the usual clothes and accessories for Kim Kardashian. Sometimes you may find yourself with too less in-game cash, so that by using this feature you can have the cash you need. The hack is easy to use and doesn’t require jailbreak. First, download the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack. Open and tap on the off button to become off for which resources you need: cash, stars or both. Next, input the number of cash and star you want to receive. You can use this hack multiple time. After the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack finished rearranging the game’s code, you should see something like this:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack proof

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack generates

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited stars



Order & Chaos Online Hack

Order & Chaos Online Hack

The Order & Chaos Online Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hacking tool that generates unlimited runes, coins, soul signets and god mode (invincibility) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It doesn’t require root or jailbreak. The game is made by Gameloft, and it’s one of the greatest MMORPG on mobile devices. Being an online game, Order & Chaos Online was the hardest game to hack for us, that’s why we released it so late. With five races: Elves, Humans, Order, Orcs, Undead and Chaos, 1000 skills and 2200 armor pieces, Order & Chaos Online is one of the biggest WoW like MMORPG. But it’s not normal for a big company like Gameloft to sell runes and coins.

Runes are the premium currency of the game. With them you can buy premium items from Ubiquitous Nick, unlock an extra character slot, revive on the spot after death and buy epic armor sets from Greenmont., as well as special pets and boosts. But you cannot get runes through gameplay, and those who buy them are superior at gear, but not at skills. So if you don’t want to be frustrated anymore that somebody with better gear but with less skills defeat you, use the  Order & Chaos Online Hack. Coins are easy to earn, from mob kills, selling useless items, quests and many other activities, like getting a proffesion. There are three type of coins: copper, silver and gold. Your account can be filled with even 99999999 golden coins if you want that. The soul signets are harder to earn, from bosses, buying with gold, daily quests and others.  If you need a lot of soul signets, use this hack. The last feature is god mode, or invincibility. Using that means that you will never die. The Order & Chaos Online Hack is undetectable and it was tested for over two months on iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use. Open, tick the resources, type the amount you wand and press on save. After hacking the game should look something like this:

Order & Chaos Online Hack proof



Cradle of Empires Hack

Cradle of Empires HackThe Cradle of Empires Hack, made by g4mehacks, generates unlimited crystals, coins, food, supplies and double XP for iOS. The game is made by Awem Studios, who seems to master the match-3 puzzle genre. But, as all the other developers, they don’t try to get their money without pushing players to buy resources, like crystals in this case. If you use the Cradle of Empires Hack , you won’t have to buy any other resources for this game anymore.

Crystals are the premium currency of this game. They can be used to buy premium items such as the Book of Wisdom (increases XP by 30%), Eye of Providence, Coins are the main currency of this game and you will be mainly using it for potions, but also for scrolls and buildings.  Some levels require you to have certain items to pass the level, but with the Cradle of Empires Hack you can simply buy them. If you want to level up faster, than you can use the double XP feature. The Cradle of Empires Hack is very easy to use and it works on any type of iOS devices, thanks to our experience in multi-platforming hacking. Cradle of Empires Hack was pretty hard to hack, but we are glad that we made it. To use the Cradle of Empires Hack, first download it. Don’tforget to move it to User Applications/Empires/Library in order to work. Next, open the hack, tap the off buttons to become on, and then type the amount of resources you want. Finally, press on save. In just a couple of seconds, your game should look something like this:

Cradle of Empires Hack Proof

Cradle of Empires Hack features

  • Unlimited crystals
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited supplies (tapping on unlimited food will also give you unlimited supplies)
  • Double XP

Download the Cradle of Empires Hack from here



TwoDots Hack

TwoDots Hack

The TwoDots Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS, is a hack that generates unlimited moves, lives and bombs. The game is made by Betaworks One and it bases on simplistic gameplay, like connecting dots. But as all the other games,  TwoDots features micro-transactions, and this time they try to sell everything.

TwoDots Hack generates, as you may already know, moves, lives and bombs. You can have 5 lives, spend all of then, and then you’ll have to wait for them, ask them from friends or even buy them. With the TwoDots Hack you won’t have to wait or buy them because lives will never be a problem ever again. You deserve to play the game as much as you ant, not as much as they want. With the TwoDots Hack, it will be easier for you, the real gamer, to finish this game in a single run. Another feature of the TwoDots Hack is unlimited moves. Sometimes you may be at the end of the level, a level that you tried over and over again to finish, and guess what? You can only finish that level with two moves and you have only one. The only alternative, until today, was to buy moves. Now, you can use the TwoDots Hack to generates all the moves you need. Just switch to the TwoDots Hack app and regenerate the moves. No more repeating the same level when you have the TwoDots Hack on your phone. The last feature generated by the TwoDots Hack are the bombs. Bombs make the game a lot easier, letting you do the moves you want. Now that you know how important the TwoDots Hack is, let’s see how you can use it. First, download the TwoDots Hack from the below mirrors. Second, tap the red off buttons to become green on buttons for he resources you need. Third, input the amount of resources you want. After the hack finished hacking, you can see that you can ave even 200 moves, like in the following image:

TwoDots Hack

TwoDots Hack generates

  • Unlimited moves
  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlimited bombs


Arcane Battlegrounds Hack

Arcane Battlegrounds HackArcane Battlegrounds Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is a tool that generates unlimited gold, platinum and mana. The game is made by Spacetime Games, developer known for it’s Arcane Legends game (click for the hack for that game), ow which this game was based. This is another great fantasy and strategy game,  but it restrains players from playing Arcane Battlegrounds at it’s full potential by selling, and not giving for free, premium currency like platinum. The Arcane Battlegrounds Hack is the perfect solution for you!

Platinum, like in the previous game, is the premium currency. If you want to be ahead of your competition, than platinum is a must. You can instantly train soldiers for one piece of platinum, and get access to premium features. Features that otherwise you couldn’t afford with the platinum you get from the game. Another important resource is gold, and you will use it for upgrades and various. Instead of waiting to get gold from the gold mines, you should better use the Arcane Battlegrounds Hack. If you want to build something, than you will see that you need mana. And I mean a lot of mana. Even 200.000 for the Hall of Magic. The Arcane Battlegrounds Hack can also generate infinite mana, so that you will never encounter any problem ever again. The Arcane Battlegrounds Hack is very easy to use and it works directly on your iOS/Android device. Just download the Arcane Battlegrounds Hack, open it, and tap on the off buttons to become on for the resources you want. You can select one, two or all three types of resources generated by the Arcane Battlegrounds Hack. Next, input the amount of resources and press on save. The game should look something like this:

Arcane Battlegrounds Hack proof

Download the Arcane Battlegrounds Hack from below



Age of Wind 3 Hack

Age-of-Wind-3-HackThe Age of Wind 3 Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hack that generates unlimited gold and trophies for Android and iOS. It doesn’t require root or jailbreak. The game is made by Deemedya M.S., who had a great idea of bringing the excitement of battleship onto the small screens. We enjoy almost any aspect of this game, except the fact that it features micro-transactions, selling gold and trophies through the in-game shop. The Age of Wind 3 Hack will generate the desired resource whenever and wherever you want.

The game features two currencies: gold and trophies. Trophies are the premium currency generated by the Age of Wind 3 Hack. With gold you can buy several other resources for your crew like rum, magic pollen, gun powder, steel, upgrades and others. And you cannot leave your crew without rum, they will leave the ship. To avoid this, use the Age of Wind 3 Hack, generate the gold you need and get those pirates drunk. It’s easier to keep your crew happy and to buy everything they need with the help of the Age of Wind 3 Hack. And you cannot skip build times without a lot of trophies. Trophies are harder to earn, and we don’t like when a game restricts us from playing it at it should be. This game is simply too wonderful to be ruined by micro-transactions. The Age of Wind 3 Hack is very easy to use.  Just download and open the Age of Wind 3 Hack. Select the OS of your device and next tick the gold and/or trophies option, depending on which resources you want the hack to generate for you. Next, type or select the amount of gold and trophies. The last step is to tap on Patch Game! After the game is fully hacked, it should look something like this:

Age of Wind 3 Hack proof

The Age of Wind 3 Hack generates

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited trophies

Download the Age of Wind 3 Hack from below




Underworld Empire Hack

Underworld Empire HackerUnderworld Empire Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is a hack that generates unlimited cash, favor points and XP.  This social crime MMO game is made by Phoenix Age, Inc. for iOS and ported by Kabam for Android (company that bought Phoenix Age), both great developers. It features over 1000 items, as well as a lot of weapons, and PvP activities such as Empire Wars. But the flaws of this hack stays in it’s micro-transactions. Here comes the Underworld Empire Hack, which will help you generate cash and favor points whenever and wherever you want.

Favor points are one of the most important currency of this game. You get some FP at the begging of the game, and next you will have to earn it from boss drops, achievements, or by buying it. Now you have another option: the Underworld Empire Hack.  With 10 FP you can refill all your energy and stamina meters, you can buy allies, chat tokens, platinum scratchers, crates, premium weapons, and most important, lieutenants. FP is sold in-game as power, victory, magnum, baller and VIP packs. If you bought them, you can now stop buying them and use the Underworld Empire Hack. If you haven’t bought those packs yet, very well. The Underworld Empire Hack will give you all the cash and favor points you need. Cash is easier to earn and can be used to build proprieties and others. This is the second resource generated by the Underworld Empire Hack. The Underworld Empire Hack also generate XP. The XP is growing too slow, and if you want to show that you are the best player from a team, XP will surely help you. The Underworld Empire Hack has a simple interface, and ca be used directly on your Android or iOS device. It doesn’t require root or jailbreak. First download the Underworld Empire Hack, next open it. The next step is to select the platform you use and to type the resources you need. If you don’t need XP, for example, just leave the field blank. The final step is to press on start. The Underworld Empire Hack will make your game look like this:


Underworld Empire Hack generates

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Favor Points
  • Unlimited XP