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Social Wars Hack

After hacking Social Empires, we observed that a Social Wars hack would be very easy to make, because it is based on the same engine and algorithms. Another game published by Social Points, Social Wars managed to get over 5,000,000 players, an impressive thing in the today’s game industry. In this game you will need to gather troops in order to protect the Earth, from the Orcs invaders! I personally love the Chibi soldiers, they seem to be so hilarious. However, the AI seems to be poorly optimized, but that isn’t such a big problem. At first, to resist to this alien horde, you will need to build training facilities like a base and to gather troops. Any action consumes energy, and any building consumes the other resources. That’s why these hack will help you by giving all the resources you need.You will need better units, because they will attack faster or have better damage. It will also move faster and the attacks will reach further.

The Social Wars Hack will give you:

* Free gold
* Free war cash
* Free wood
* Free oil
* Free steel
It is easy to use and free of viruses. Hope you will enjoy our hack, as we put a lot of effort in it.
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Social Empires Hack

Hello, our team remarked that nowadays there are many people who play Social Empires and a Social Empires Hack would help them a lot. After many tests and change in algorithms we have managed to hack this marvelous facebook game. For those who don’t know the details behind Social Empires, let me remind you that this game is made by Social Point for facebook (beta stage) and iPhone. In this game, your objective is to create your empire by gathering resources like gold, wood, meat and stone. With this resources you will build barracks, mills, houses and other buildings. Also you will create troops to attack other villages, controlled by real players. I am actually playing this game, and this came in handy in realizing this powerful hack. From what I know, there are about 150 different types of units, more than 60 adventures and 150 goals to complete. But, the things that I love at this game are that is a MMO, and the awesome graphics. There are also many events organised on the facebook main page.
This hack will give you free cash, gold, wood, meat and stone. The alternative is to wait for a villager to gather all of these. But the resources are gathered so hard that you will spend them in no time! So how to gain a tactical advantage? The soldiers have a pretty low life, so they will die very fast. You can use the gold and food provided by this hack to train a lot of troops and then send them to battle. If you are a begginer, than you will see that wood and stone are very important to protect your land, if you don’t have enough gold to train soldier that would defend your land. If you harvest wood to keep reproducing the farms, then there will be no villagers to train, so that’s why you need this hack. By using it, you won’t have to sacrifice something and you will be more powerful than ever. Maybe you don’t have enough gold for expansion. As you may already know, for the first expansion you need two neighbors and 5000 gold, for the second 5 neighbors and 30000 and so on. There are already people who use the hack, so there is no problem in using hacks. It’s better to use hacks than to pay real money on completing tasks. The archive contain the hacks for both platform: one for the facebook game and one for iPhone. The first works with any browser and you’ll just have to open it, choose the amount of resources and then press on add. The other, for iPhone, has it’s instruction in the app. The hack is clean, as you can see here, even if it’s hard-coded. I’ve personally put a lot of effort in this hack and I hope you will enjoy it. Our site mission is: stop paying for in-game resources and let us play the games for free!
Proof – before using the hack
After applying the hack

Words With Friends Hack

Before reading about the Words With Friends Hack: Words With Friends is a game made in 2009 by Zynga in which you have to form long words to beat you opponent. Even if it’s scrabble rip-off, this game is entertaining and is one of the games that grew the most in terms of number of players. I got beaten at this game by my English teacher with 50-0. That was pretty disappointing  But you know what I did? I started using this hack. I bet with her that she won’t win the next game. And then I won back. She couldn’t understand how I managed to do so much points, and she game me an A+ grade just for this. But that’s my story.
In this game you can swap letters or skip turns. One of the main interesting features is that you can swap tiles with the pool of currently unused tiles. You may resign a game. There are two extra features, the “tile pile” and “word-o-meter”, accessible for a premium. You can use the coins to remove those annoying ads.  And about the tokens, why should you pay $1.50 for Tile Pile, when you can get it for free? Tile pile will allow you to see all the letters remained on the hidden letters pile. For 4$ (32 tokens) you will get the Word-O-Meter, which advises you if it’s possible to get a better word with your letters. And what’s worse, both have limited use: Word-O-Meter 99 uses and Tile Pile just 10 uses. I just don’t see the point paying for them. It’s disappointing to see that more and more people are paying for it. Better use this hack. It’s free, and I three types: one for Facebook (the one from the image) that works on every OS, one for Android (install over the app) and one for iPhone.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be a cheater if there weren’t already many people who use this feature which bring to us, those who don’t pay for them, a great disadvantage  But this game is about fun, is about learning new words, and this will help you win every single game.

Pet Rescue Saga Hack

Hello, today we will present you our latest hack, simply named Pet Rescue Saga Hack, for facebook, Android and iOS. Pet Rescue Saga is a game made by in which you will have to match 3 puzzle game where you have to rescue many adorable pets. The graphics are very nice and the gameplay is unique and innovative  It is one of the most played games on facebook this month, and as we have promised in our previous hack posted on this site, we will try and manage to launch hacks for each of it. The game looks like Diamond Dash and it feels like it. This hack will surely come in hand when you don’t have enough lives or coins. You may be in danger of losing all your lives if you fail to accomplish certain objectives. I think you are sick of waiting for hours if you fail five times. And the game will ask you for money to be able to continue it. Why doing this when you can use this hack which lets you continue your game peacefully, and without any trouble? This hack will give you free, unlimited lives and coins and it has already been tested by us for two weeks before being released. We will update it weekly. There are already many people which use a sort of hack for this game so you won’t be the only one. You may already know how to play it: you will have to group two or more crates in order to remove them from the screen. Matching more animals will increase your score even more. It works on Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and it has an anti-ban system which was also implemented with success in our previous hacks. The hack will recognize your browser, so you won’t have to login. Just start, hack, and enjoy!

By using this hack, I’m now at level 162

Secondary server
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Devil May Cry 5 Costume Pack DLC Code Generator & Trainer

Devil May Cry 5 Costume Pack DLC Code Generator will allow you to unlock the Devil May Cry 5 Costume Pack without paying anything for it. It is created by our team of highly trained specialists with 20 years of experience in hacking. We have managed to crack the algorithm for the DLC Code and developed this code generator. How to crack it? Download, save the file to desktop and open it, choose what console you use: Xbox or PS3. Copy the DLC code generated. Go to the Marketplace, PSN Store, Steam or Origin and redeem the coupon! This will unlock for free costumes like:
* DMC1 Dante – the suit from the first game. Usually it is unlocked after finishing the game on normal mode
* Shirtless Dante – obviously Dante without a shirt
* Coatless DMC1 Dante – almost the same as the DMC1 Dante, but withouth the coat. It is usually unlocked by finishing the game on the hard mode.
* The Legendary Dark Knight – you will transform in Dante’s father and you will look like hip. Hope that makes you curious!
* Super Dante – gives you newer powers like devil trigger or DT explosions.
* Super Legendary Dark Knight – you will transform in Sparda form
and many others. It also includes Samurai Pack Code Generator, Unlock All Missions, Bone Weapon Pack Unlocker, Unlimited Red Orbs Adder, Unlock Hell Mode, Unlock Heaven Mode, Get Ultimate Costume Pack, Get SSS Rank in every Category, Get Vergil Code, Unlock Dante Skins, Get Unlimited Devil Trigger, Unlock Rare Concept Art, Unlock Over 9000 Trophy, Get Secret DMC Weapon.
As you can see, this suits not only will make you look cooler, but you will be able to use certain features and capabilities which can be used only by finishing the game on harder settings or by buying the pack. We are giving this generator for free, so you can enjoy all the game’s capabilities  Games should be complete, not fragmented like the publishers and the developer from today are doing with each game. Just to take all our money from us!

Scan provided by:
Mirror 1
 Mirror 2

Criminal Case Hack

Hello, I’m HaCKzOrS and I’ve made the Criminal Case Hack for those who play this game. Developed by Pretty Simple and released in December 2012, this game have the same concept as Hidden Cronicles, and that really makes it special. Statistics show that this game is played by over 50,000 players each month. In this game, as you may already know, you will join the Police forces of Grimsborough to solve a series of brutal murders. You will have to search for clues and interview witnesses or suspects. You will also have to analyse the evidence in order to catch the killer. But this are just facts. Let’s see what this hack will help you with.
The Criminal Case Hack will give you:
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Unlimited Energy
I’ve also hacked Hidden Chronicles, so I have taken some of the Extra Options coding from there and it just applied them here. Those are:
  • Unlimited Hints
  • Unlock all items
  • Proxy
  • Unlimited Energy (oups, I have put it twice)
  • Instant Speed
  • Stop Time Hack
To use it, you will need to download it, open, add the amount of coins, cash, speed and energy or the extra options, and then click on start hack. Wait for a couple of minutes to do it’s job. Now you will see something like this:
We’re testing it weekly
The first mirror
The second mirror


Top Eleven Hack

Hello, after a short break we are back with more hacks for our visitors. I am Erik and today I’m gonna show you the Top Eleven Hack. This hack will work on facebook, and also on Android and iOS apps. I also play Managerleague (which I’ve already hacked), Footbal Manager, the FIFA series and all the other soccer games around. The toughest challenge in this kind of games is to have the proper resources in order to maintain your team up in the leaderboard. Sure, cheating may not be fair, but hey, do you think that other who have beaten us don’t cheat? They do. I have lost a match with 8-0 and I was pretty annoyed. That’s why I tried to hack this game and even managed to do it. The Top Eleven Hack will give you free fans, cash and tokens, treats, moral pack and stamina. I must tell you that this game was actually pretty easy to hack, so I enjoyed my work at it. The easiest part was to make it work on all browsers. I know the importance of the tokens and I also know that tokens cost a fortune.
On the official site, the prices for the tokens are:
€76,56 = 1,031
€38,28 = 500
€15,31 = 176
€7,66 = 80
€3,83 = 37
€1,53 = 14Which is a lot of money to spend on a game. I always think that companies shouldn’t ask for money for resources in any game. They should win from commercials, which are already too many, or even launching more games. And it’s also unfair for us, gamers. As in my case, somebody who defeated me clearly used a cheat. That’s why I’ve made this. To play equally. And I won’t ask money for it, I will give it for free, because hacking is one of my passions and not a business. We have also scanned the hack before posting it here. As you will see, it is clean.

The hack is very easy to use it. Download, open the hack and the browser you usually use, choose whatever you need and start. You can also check for updates by clicking on the update button. 

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
My goal is to stop developers from taking money from us. Hope that this hack will reach it goal. Thank you for visiting this site and downloading this hack.
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Guild Wars 2 CD-KEY Generator

The Guild Wars 2 CD-KEY Generator does only what is meant to do: to provide you a CD-key for Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. It is et in the fantasy world of Tyria, the game follows the re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge, a disbanded guild dedicated to fight with the Elder Dragons, a Lovecraftian species that has seized control of Tyria in the time since the original Guild Wars. The game takes place in a persistent world with a story that progresses in instanced environments. But this game costs a lot of money. Why to pay monthly for a game that is not so good, right? We should use this hack instead, because it will generate us a new key every day, whenever we need. I think you’ll agree with me. I’m the friends of one of the admins and he told me all the secrets that helped be build this generator. In order to use it, you will have to do the following things; download the hack and complete a short survey or offer in order to support our site. Next, open it and click on generate. That’s all, nothing fancy and useless. We are giving it for free because we think games should be free. Or at least every game should ask you for money only once, not monthly. Spread the news bu sharing it with your classmates, friends, relatives and others. I’m sure you have friends which would love playing this game, so make them a present and give them the CD-Key. You can also put it on your website, we don’t mind it, but you should not forger mentioning the source so google won’t penalize you. Hope that helped you spare some cash. Buy something fancy with it! 😀

Virusscan provided by Jotti

Assassin Creed III Season Pass Code Generator

Assassins Creed III is maybe the best game in the series. At least that’s my opinion. I have played it and I haven’t seen such graphics and historic accuracy in any other game. But what attracted me the most wasn’t the main game, but the downloadable content. Oh boy, I can tell you that they beat the game at any level. I just can’t imagine how they managed to use the actual graphic engine to implement some transformation levels. It is completely surreal. If you have bought the game, that means you should receive the DLC’s for free. But this won’t happen because Ubisoft wants to squeeze every penny from us. So what have we done? We have worked with Skidrow at this pass code generator for season pass. They just gave us what it was needed in order to hack their server an be able to get the codes. This generator will give you access to three DLC’s: The Tyrany of King Washington (which I’ve played) and two things pack: The Hidden Secrets Pack and The Battle Hardener pack. Now let me explain how to use the Assassin Creed III Season Pass Code Generator. First, you will have to download it by pressing on the button below and open it. Select the country from which you are from and then the console you play. Click on generate and wait for the green bar to fully load. The generated code will be displayed at the status section. Now you will ask me why this generator is for free. Well, that’s because we want to make Internet a better place. That’s right! Once when I was younger I was told that I can find everything on the internet. But it wasn’t true. I’ll try to change this in gaming. And believe me, this generator is just the beginning!

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Hack v1.2.7

Today we’re launching the new version of Marvel: Avengers Alliance Hack v1.2.7 The tool now is completely undetectable and has anti-ban features. You will be able to generate unlimited amounts of Gold, Silver, S.H.I.E.L.D Points and Command Points. The tool doesn’t require your password. All you have to do is to log in to your facebook account, choose the web browser and enter the desired amounts. Complete instructions how to use the hack can be found on the bottom of the post. You can download it from here.

Gold Generator
You have spend hundreds of dollars for gold? It is time to STOP now! Why do you spend so much money, while you can get your gold COMPLETELY FREE! With our new Marvel: Avengers Alliance Hack, you will be able to add unlimited amounts of gold to your account.

Silver Generator
This feature of The Hack allows you to add as much Silver as you need. You don’t have to wait anymore!
S.H.I.E.L.D. Points Generator
With our S.H.I.E.L.D. Points Generator, you will be able to add unlimited amounts of S.H.I.E.L.D. Points. You will definitely help you with playing and will allow you to reach your favorite characters faster.
Command Points Generator
Command Points are handy most of the time and It’s really hard when you run out of them. That’s why we have included Command Points Generator in our tool. This feature will make passing bosses and hard levels a child game.

This hack is:
Marvel: Avengers Alliance Hack v1.3 is completely undetectable and keeps your account safe from ban. The tool cover it’s tracks after generating your items.

All Browsers are Supported
The hack supports all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many other)
Daily Updates
We’re constantly working on providing you the best hacks available and we’re doing it completely free. You will receive update notices when new version of the hack is available.
24/7 Support
Whenever you have problems with using the hack or you have troubles setting it up, we will help you within 24 hours. Our goal is to make gaming a pleasant experience for you by providing you little advantage in games.

Instructions how to use Avengers Alliance Hack v1.2.7:

1) Log in to your facebook account and start Avengers Alliance.
2) Choose the web browser you’re using.
3) Save your settings.
4) Enter the amounts of Gold, Silver, S.H.I.E.L.D Points and Command Points you want to be added to your account.
5) Click “Start” and wait until you receive massage that your items are added.
6) Refresh Avengers Alliance.

Marvel Avengers Hack proof

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