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YoWorld (YoVille) Hack

YoWorld Hack (former Yoville, the hack works the same for YoWorld)  is a hack made for the cute massively multiplayer online game previously owned by Zynga and now by the studio who made it, Big Viking games is available on social networking platforms such as Facebook & Myspace. In Yoville/YoWorld, players can customize their avatar and live in well-decorated homes. They can work in factories in order to earn money and can spend their earned money on customizing their house, buying clothes, etc. The game also allows the players to interact with other players, as the game itself is a virtual world. Players need to earn yopoints in order to level up and leveling up unlocks better jobs, better furniture, etc. In short, players need to manage their work and life in the virtual world of Yoville/YoWorld. The game is very addictive and is currently being used by around 1.6 million users on Facebook.
There are lots of Yoville/YoWorld hacks and cheats available online which offers lots of in game benefits to the users. However, it is not advisable to use these hack as they do not provide any protection against bans and they crash down after few uses. We have devised a great hack for Yoville/YoWorld called Yoville/YoWorld hack, which will surely enhance your gaming experience. Yoville/YoWorld hack is free from all kinds of compatibility issues and works great on all computer operating systems as well as major internet browsers. Our hack is a user-friendly program so anyone can use the features of our hack without much difficulty. It will be a lot easier to level up for free.
Yocoins is a primary game currency in Yoville/YoWorld, which can be earned by working in factories and can be used to buy clothes, food, furniture, etc. Yocash is a premium currency, which can be bought with real world money and can be used to buy energy boosters as well as all the other items, which cannot be bought with Yocoins. Players need to have adequate amount of both the currencies if they want to excel in Yoville/YoWorld. By using our hack, users can instantly generate any amount of Yocash as well as Yocoins and that too free of cost. With unlimited Yocoins and Yocash, you can buy good clothes, furniture, accessories, etc and be the envy of your friends. If you wish to level up faster than your friends, then our hack can help you. By using experience hack feature of our hack, you can earn experience points almost ten times faster than your friends do.
If you are scared of being banned then do not be as our hack is equipped with a smart anti ban feature. Its anti ban feature generates instant proxies to keep you undetected to the system and thus prevents you from being suspended. There is no need to worry about updating our hack as our hack has a built in auto update feature that automatically installs new updates as and when they are available.

Working for YoWorld (tested on July 12, 2015)



Real Racing 3 Hack

Hello! After months of working overnight in order to hack this game, we’ve finally came up to Real Racing 3 Hack; something that works for this game. But first, let’s see facts about the Real Racing 3. The game was developed in 2013 by Firemint for iOS and Android and released on 28 February 2013 under the freemium license. Although is free, there are things which can be bought ingame. The hack will give you unlimited RS, Gold, boosters, cards and will repair your cars.

How to use the hack
1. Close app Real Racing 3 from multitasking.
2.Download hack from this download button
3.Connect your iDevice to Pc/Mac
4. Run the hack and click “Managing App Data”
5.Locate the icon Real Racing 3 and click on it twice.
6.You need to find Document folder
7. Then copy your Document folder from the Download in second point.
8. Close the hack and play Real Racing 3 !

Or you can try to
1. Close app Real Racing 3 from multitasking.
2.Download hack from the above download button
3. Open hack.
4.Find your Real Racing 3 folder
( IN /var/mobile/Applications , maybe first you need in Settings select “Display App Name”)
5. In RR3 folder go to Documents and copy before download hack folder “Document” to your original Document.
6. Now you can close the hack and PLAY 🙂 !

You have also a video here with an alternative method, let me show it on my iPhone

iOS & Android
Mirror 2

Megapolis Hack by ELiTe

The ELiTe team returns with it’s latest hack, the Megapolis Hack, for facebook, iOS and Android. Megapolis is a great facebook game made by the Social Quantum team for facebook, Android and iPhone. Over 3 million people play this game, so we realized that they are eager to try a hack on this game. Why’s that? Because, for example, a small park costs half a million. A building is two millions. It’s very expensive to have airports, railway stations, wind and atomic power plants and many other buildings all in the same time without having some precious resources. In order to get some couple of millions per day, you will have to work for even three months! Just think at what you could have done with the time wasted gathering resources ingame, when there’s an alternative: the Megapolis Hack by ELiTe. They want to sell you megabucks. I don’t think it worth spending real money for Megabucks. This hack is capable of providing millions of megabucks for free. Let me tell you how to use this hack:  type the resources in whatever amount you want, tick the browser and click on start. The hack will auto-detect your browser, and  it will add your much needed resources. The archive contains also the hack for Android and iOS version. Our team has over 10 years of hacking experience and we are working in multiple domains. We know that the mobile market has grown a lot and it is the present and the future. The hack will provide you with all the valuable resources needed in order to succeed in this game. These are: unlimited megabucks and unlimited coins, free electricity, water and population. The hack will be tested weekly and it’s free of viruses, as you can see here. People should not pay real money for games, so that’s why we’ve made this hack.
For facebook:
For iOS
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
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Laboratz Hack

Hello again! We are proud to announce our latest Laboratz hack that will give you free pills and coins for facebook, iOS and Android. I remember a game which was like Laboratz, the Triple Triad minigame from Final Fantasy VIII. I really liked that mini-game, so that’s why I remember it. Laboratz is a game made by the well known developer Adictz. The idea of the both games is to defeat your opponent by having the cards which has the most  controlled rats. The ‘neighbors’ card are compared, and the one with the biggest value wins and undertakes it. The bad thing is that you need pills and coins for boosters.
The following Boosters can be bought:
Booster (3 Special Rats)
Super Booster (4 Special Rats and 2 Rare rats)
Mega Booster (3 Special Rats, 5 Rare rats, and 1 Very Rare rat) and Final Booster (15 Special Rats, 10 Rare rats and 5 Very Rare rats)

The multiplayer component is the one who made me played this game. But you can get to play with an experienced player (in the Quick Duel mode), as opponents are picked randomly, and some of them kicked my ass. So that’s why I’ve made this Laboratz hack. You can also play with your friends from the buddy list. Sure, this will give you pills and take or give ranking points, depending whenever you have won or not. But strategy doesn’t count, the strength of the rats is the essential fact. In my first battle I was matched up against rats with grade 11 and a grade 33. I had no chance against these two, who had at least twelve rat upgrades behind them and access to dirty tricks I hadn’t even unlocked. The thing that pissed me off is that rats are extremely hard to produce, unless you by them with real money. I don’t agree with that. Why should I pay real money for a game? You can also make them by completing some time wasting and pretty hard missions. I had, before using this hack, only two decent rats and the rest were weak. That means that it’s undetectable. I’ve also scanned it, so you can be sure that this Laboratz hack has no malicious code in it. But now, this hack helped me a lot, because now I’m undefeated for 20 games in a row, and that’s why I release it here, on



Hay Day Hack

We are pleased to announce that, after many days of hard work, nights without sleep and a lot of coffee, we have finally released this awesome tool: Hay Day Hack. With Hay Day hack you can do a lot of things, even if it seems that it’s simple and lacks of other features. But you won’t need more than free coins and diamonds. That’s right, free coins and diamonds for everybody. Supercell ask us to pay money for them. That’s unfair, and our team fights against this developers which want to steal our money. No, that’s it. If you want many make another game, not just milk us as the cows from Hay Day, Last time when I checked I wasn’t a money three nor a cash cow. So this hack will free us from their scheme: cheap game, expensive resources. Now, let me explain you how this hack works. It connects to the server by bypassing all their firewalls, and then cause a malfunction in their algorithm which finally will lead to you having infinite coins and diamonds. I won’t waste your time with C++ algorithms because not all of us are geeks, like me. Download the hack, open it and next you will have to: type your username. The next step is to tick coins or diamonds, whatever you like or need. Click let it rain! Then run to your iPhone or Android device and call your parents: your game is hacked! The coins and diamonds will never end. Each time you will spend coins or diamonds the resources won’t decrease. We guarantee that. Also the hack is free of viruses or any malicious codes. The last thing is that you won’t ever be detected, so you are not in danger of being caught and your account to be closed. Hay Day is one of my favorite games on the iPhone. But let me tell you this: Hay Day requires some usual elements in the gaming industry: gems, and hacks. You know what? There are many people which have waited for ages and spend ridiculous amounts of money for this game. To have bigger chickens, pigs, eggs and other nonsense. Are you one of them? Even if you’re not, believe me, you will love this hack. Why? That’s simple. It has the ability to add unlimited gems and coins to your game. You can see that in the proof below, so clearly I’m not joking. Also, the others cheats from the Internet don’t work as well as this and they may harm your computer or you might get detected and banned! You don’t want to be banned or to break your phone, do you? Than guess this: the hack is also virus free! Even if is hard coded, it is still untouched by malicious codes. So, let’s get to the point of this article: how to get your coins and diamonds. Easy as one, two, three! Download the hack, submit your username and check the boxes with whatever you want: coins or diamonds. The next step is to press Let It Rain! Now check the game. You will see that the hack provided you with 999,999 coins and the same number of diamonds, and you don’t have to spend anything! Use it whenever and wherever you want. The Hay Day hack will do the job that a cheat should have done it. Just don’t waste your time and just enjoy the game having 999999 coins and diamonds. If you finish them, but believe me, it is very hard to finish all of them, repeat the steps described above and press Let it Rain! again. Your phone doesn’t have to be jailbroken, and the hack will work on any os. Just plug in the usb cable into a laptop, mac or PC and let the hacking begin. Thank you for downloading this hack and check our site for other hacks.

Dragonvale Hack

The Dragonvale Hack is a powerful tool made by my at the computer science class. I am a very experienced hacker, with lots of prizes at the computer science Olympiads and hacking is one of my greatest passions. I really like to find out new methods of hacking, and this game was on of my subjects on which I had fun with. I won’t waste your time explaining how I did it, the only thing that you should know is that it is written in C++. If you want to find out more, just use Borland C and recompile it for yourself. I will now explain how to use this hack. First, don’t forget to download it by clicking the big and nice download button from below. Next, complete the survey you are asked and then you will be able to download it. In the next period of time I will show you how to get the free gems, coins and treats that my hack will give to you. Open the program, submit your name and tick whatever you need. The following step is to click on Let it rain! It is obvious that you won’t see in game that it will rain with gems and coins, but actually you will see that you will have 999,999 free gems, coins and treats, whatever you have chosen. I won’t ask you even to thank me, because I have done it because I was bored and because some friends of mine challenged to do this hack. If I can do something good and release it to the general public, it means that I must do this. Other projects of mine can be found throughout the site. Just search for them. Hope you will enjoy this hack like I and my friends did.
Open it by double clicking, and remember that you should plug in your iPhone into your personal computer or laptop before hacking the game, otherwise it won’t be able to make the connections between the game and the iPhone. But I think you have managed to think it for yourself, right. Next, open the application. It will require your username and it will also ask you to tick whatever resources you need: gems, coins or treats. I am using this hack more for gems and coins than for treats, because I usually buy very many dragons from the shop. Next you will have to click on Let it rain. That’s right, let it rain with resources. That’s awesome and cool at the same time, I can’t decide the feeling I have at this moment. But I check the facebook page and I see that I have unlimited gems, coins and treats, and I can tell you that was all I needed. Hope that you have enjoyed reading this tutorial and you won’t have any problems in order to setup it. See you later!

For iPhone
For Android
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Dragon Story Hack

Hi there! I am representing the ELiTE hackers team and I am proud to announce that we’ve updated our hack, called now the Dragon Story Hack! As the admin of this site, which is also one of my best friends, required me to write about the game before presenting the Dragon Story Hack features, I will do it in the next lines. In Dragon Story you will breed animals, dragons and monsters. You are fist placed on an island. There, with the help of many colors, you will start breeding dragons. Like in DragonVale, you will find again tools like Evolution Temple, Breeding Den and many others. At the beginning  you will purchase some dragons in order to earn coins which can be used for buying other dragons. I remember that at level 4, the Breeding Den will be unlocked, so that means that you will be able to combine dragons. Now, you will need coins for buying the basic dragons, Red, Yellow, Green, White or Blue or gold for hybrids. Also habitats require you a lot of coins, as well as the decor. I remember how much time I’ve spend producing gold for a Dark Angel Dragon, so trust me, with this hack it will be easier. Food will also help you keep the Dragons healthy, as I like to say :). Actually, to raise their levels. Farming is quite expensive, but you know that you need the food. The graphics are awesome, and that convinced me to play this game and to use the hack. It’s such a pity to waste your time on quest instead of getting the resources and start building a huge dragon collection.The archive contains two hacks, one for Android and one for iPhone. We’ve spent a month of work at the previous hack, this one needed some minor tweaks to make sure that the Dragon Story Hack will work on all devices Dragon Story works on. I personally tested it on my iPhone 4 and on my brother’s Samsung Galaxy II. Now gold, food and gems aren’t a problem anymore. This hack is made for all who play Dragon Story and don’t want to waste their time gathering resources. My brother always told me: “I wish I could have more evolution temples and breeding dens.” That why I have made this hack. To help people like him. It is very easy to use, as the instruction are given while using the hack. We hope that you will enjoy this hack and we will try to fulfill any request. You just need to request a hack for a game here, and f we have the time, we will do it. If you are curious to see the most expensive dragons, or the Super Rare ones and you don’t have the time to gather the resources, than this hack is a must have! I couldn’t afford an Unicorn Dragon (Ultra Rare!) before using this hack (it costs 3000 gold!), so it meant a lot for me. Also, because I know the importance of keeping our devices free of viruses, here is an anti-virus report. Enjoy the hack!
Here’s a pic from my phone to show you that the hack is working.
You can find the hack below.
Dragon Story Hack v4.0
Dragon Story Hack v3.9 (the previous one)