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Hill Climb Racing Hack

Hill Climb Racing Hack made by the g4mehacks team for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, will give you unlimited coins and fuel. It will also unlock all the cars, maps and will also give you the highest score. These resources will help you upgrade your vehicles and buy new ones such a jeep or a monster truck, or to buy new racing stages. There are various stages like Moon, Arctic, Night and X-mas, which were entertaining for us to play and hack. The hack will work in all the stages.

Just don’t go to the cash store and don’t waste your money on virtual currency such as coins for Hill Climb Racing. Use instead the Hill Climb Racing Hack. Also, we know that if you’re left out of fuel, you game is over, so you will also have unlimited fuel. Also, all the maps will be unlocked so that you can enjoy playing every stage you want, when you want. If you think your level is too low, than you can just tap on on and you will have the 2147483647 lvl. If you want to impress friends with your highscore, you can edit it through our hack to any value, even 2147483647.  Further instructions can be found in the hack’s archives.

Hill Climb Racing Hack features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited fuel
  • All cars unlocked
  • All maps unlocked
  • In every map you’re in lvl 2147483647
  • In every map your highscore is 2147483647
  • Everything on the highest level
Download for Android
Download for iOS and Windows Mobile

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Hack

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Hack, made by g4mehacks for PC, will make this game a lot easier by giving you unlimited health, lives and power-ups. AVGN is a great Internet celebrity and we admire him for his attitude toward bad games. We share his vision and to thank for it’s videos about older games, we have made the AVGN Hack. It will help you get more achievements for your steam account, myself managing to unlock all of them with this hack, even the You’ve got skill! AVGN is not a bad game, but surely is an very hard game, paying tribute for old good games through references for Castlevenia, the moon from, and even inspired from Custer’s Revenge. In this game the Nerd has the ultimate mission: to save his friends (Mike Matei, Bs’ Man and Kyle Justin) and  who were sucked in a TV set, with your agile movement skills and a NES Zapper in your hands. He must defeat the bosses he fears the most: Mr. Hyde, The Giant Claw Custer and even Fred Fuchs in order to save his friends.

It has NES style graphics, just like in the 80’s games played by our beloved nerd. About the game: one of the most frustrating levels is the Assholevenia level in which you can die if you aren’t in the right place at a right time. If you are not paying attention for a moment and you touch the skull-faced block, you’re dead. That’s why you need invincibility. So choose our hack in order not to get angry like us. By using this hack you will surely keep your keyboard or your controller save (we have even smashed a keyboard in testing the hack for this game). We guarantee you won’t smash your keyboard if you use it :). The AVGN keyboard controls are: the arrow buttons for movement, Z for jump and X for shooting,  I (Erik) only finished the first two levels, and got stumped at Future F’balls 2010, and after I decided to create the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Hack to be able to finish the game. It really made me angry with the red big message which appears after you die but it also amused me with the famous Nerd’s quotes. AVGN doesn’t cheat, but we are not him and we can do this.  Enjoy our hack.

AVGN Adventures Hack features:

  • Unlimited health
  • Infinite lives
  • Infinite power-ups
  • Bonus features

Lawless Hack

The Lawless Hack is a cheating tool made by g4mehacks for Android & iOS, which will give you unlimited gold, Crime Coins, XP doubler, unlimited ammo & lives. It’s easy to use, just tick the required features, type the amount of gold and coins and than press on start hack. Lawless is a run and gun game in which you will kill your targets by tapping on them.

But we don’t agree with one thing. After you finish all your lives, you will have to pay with in-game currency to buy additional lives. Also, if you kill innocent citizens around 500$ will be deducted from your mission’s rewards. You will also fight with bosses which are tougher to kill and you will even have a boss fight with an helicopter. If you want to level up faster, than you must use our XP doubler feature. Also, ammo is a must! With unlimited ammo you will never have to reload and buy ammo ever again. It’s easy to use: install the hack, tap the features you need and then press on start. Your game should look something like this

The Lawless Hack features:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited Crime Coins
  • XP doubler
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Unlimited lives
for iOS
for Android

Gun Bros 2 Hack

Gun Bros 2 Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android, will work on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, and it will give you unlimited Xplodium, WarBucks, unlock all the armory, guns, mods, max XP, skip any mission and maximum health. A masterpiece made by Glu, Gun Bros 2 is a game with agents Percy and Francis Gun as the main protagonists. You will play in a variety off missions with guns and tanks, just like the thugs do!

WarBucks is the premium currency, and you can use it to upgrade power. That will make you stronger and it will be easier for you to defeat you opponents. Instead of buying Buck Packs or Xplodium packs, we advice you to download our Gun Bros 2 Hack, a hack for which we worked a lot, in order to try and succeed unlocking all things such as the armory, guns, mods. Also, with max HP, you will never ever die. If a mission is too hard, you can just skip it.

Gun Bros 2 Hack Tool features:

  • Unlimited Xplodium
  • Unlimited WarBucks
  • Unlock all the armory
  • Unlock all Guns
  • Unlock all  Mods
  • Max XP
  • Maximum health
  • Skip any mission
Download for iOS
Download for Android

Injustice Gods Among Us Hack

Injustice Gods Among Us Hack is used by gamers from over the world to receive unlimited power credits, energy, boosters and unlock all the heroes. It works on both iOS devices (such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch) and Android devices. You won’t have to use cyndia or other software, and you won’t have to root or jailbreak your phone in order to use it. Based on DC Comics, Injustice Gods Among Us is a great fighting game.

The Injustice Gods Among Us Hack made by g4mehacks features several resources which are required in order to get further in the game. Let’s take for example coins; coins can be used to buy a gold character, for which you can then buy passive power, energy and experience boost. Energy points are used in fights.At the beginning you will need only one per fight, but later in the game you will need even three energy points The lack of energy means that you will have to buy it, and I’m sure nobody agrees with this, so you’d better download our hack

This hack features
– 99,999,999 Energy
– 999,999 Power Credits
– Get all boosters
– Unlock all heroes
– No jailbreak required

for iOS & Android

Plague Inc. Hack

Plague Inc Hack

Hi, here’s the Plague Inc. Hack that will give you unlimited DNA, genes, unlock all plagues, special plagues and many other features, both for iOS & Android. We like strategy games, and when a game receives the Game of the Year Award, it just can’t pass unnoticed. It’s a really clever game, and it’s localized in many countries, thing that made this game a popular one. The main goal of this game is to infect the entire world!

But doing this require several things, like genes, and also plagues and viruses. It’s easier to start by infecting an island, like Iceland, or Madagascar, or any poor nation. Spread the viruses to all the inhabitants and they will eventually die. There are also more resistant people to these plagues, and it’s better to try to kill them all. By buying the fungus plague by using the resources generated by the Plague Inc. Hack, you will spread your diseases much easier. You can also upgrade the first upgrade tier and drug resistance ability. The Plague Inc. Hack is very easy to use.

As you can see in the screen with the hack above, you can type  the amount of DNA you need. Next, you can select all the features you want. Do you want to unlock all the plagues, so it will be easier for you to kill all the people? Swipe on on unlock all plagues and you are ready to go. Do you need some special plagues? The same. This hack is very easy to use, the only thing that you need to know is how to unzip it and put it on your iPhone. The advantage of the Plague Inc. Hack is that you can do it directly on your Android or iOS device. You don’t have to own a PC or a Mac in order to use this hack, the app will do the job directly on your phone.

Plague Inc. Hack features

  • Unlimited DNA
  • Unlock all genes
  • Unlock all plagues
  • Unlock all special plagues
  • Unlock all scenarios
for iOS
for Android

FIFA 14 Hack for iOS & Android

FIFA 14 Hack

FIFA 14 Hack is made for the best football game, FIFA 14, and it is targeted to those who own a iOS or Android device. EA Games is one of the greediest game company from this industry, voted twice the worst company from this industry, voted twice the worst company from USA. The destroyed many beloved studios in order to eliminate their competition. They are even ruining Pop Cap Games with micro-transactions in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (for which you can find the hack here). And they want to ruin FIFA using the same tactics as in other games, asking for money to unlock modes? We cannot accept this and that’s why we made this hack. It’s simple to use and effective, unlocking all the modes without having to pay for them. You will unlock all the modes, even the manager mode! If you want to unlock the tournament mode, quick play and manager mode for FIFA 14, EA Games will require you to pay $4.99. By using our hack you won’t have to pay nothing, and you will also automatically unlock all the teams. Besides this, we managed to exploit some flaws from the game, so you can add infinite money and FIFA points to your budget. Also working with FUT.

Let’s see the features of the FIFA 14 Hack

  • Unlock all modes
  • Infinite coins
  • Infinite FIFA points
  • Premium unlock

I play FIFA since 1998 and I know how important this game is for us, on all platforms. So instead paying EA for something that they should have given for free in the first place, download the FIFA 14 Hack for iOS & Android below.

Proof (unlimited coins)
for iOS
for Android

Far Cry 3 Hack

Far Cry 3 Hack

Far Cry 3 Hack, from g4mehacks, is a hack which will give you unlimited health, stamina, money, experience, oxygen, ammo, undetectable and even more.

This is another great Ubisoft game which caught our attention and we thought that it might be a great idea to hack it. In Far Cry 3, you play with a rich boy whose trip to Island seems to end up badly for him and his friends. You have to rescue them and you will observe that your hands will be filled with tataus. The problem is that you will sometimes die too quickly at the beginning and some of our friends were afraid not to be easily killed by wild animals and the rebels. So, if you are in need of help, you must use the Far Cry 3 Hack. I had one mission in which I needed to remain undetectable until I get to a boat, and that mission was for me the most frustrating mission from the game. This hack would have helped a lot then. But because of that mission, I decided to completely hack the game, so that you can now have all the features which will be listed below.

The Far Cry 3 Hack will give you

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Money
  • Experience
  • Oxygen
  • No Reload
  • Explosives
  • No recoil
  • Super Speed
  • Super Jump
  • Infinite Syringes, Shield, Rucksack space
  • Undetectable
  • Teleport wherever you want on the map
  • Plus other features
Download it from here
or here

Puzzle & Dragons Hack

Puzzle & Dragons Hack

Puzzle & Dragons Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android & iOS, will give you magic stones, coins, 500x HP, ATK, RUC and max skill level. It will work with the Japanese version, which is the number one game in Japan  (where it is also known as Pazudora), Korean version and English version. Puzzle & Dragons is a free puzzle games where you have to match three or more orbs. You can collect even 700 monsters which can be fused to become stronger. and the number of combinations is unlimited. But as all the fremium games out there, it has some resources which have to be bought in order to fully enjoy the game. Or you can use our Puzzle & Dragons Hack.

Magic stones are the premium currency of this game, and it’s the primary resource that the Puzzle & Dragons Hack will generate. They are expensive, so we recommend using this cheating tool that allows you generating unlimited magic stones. They can be used it several ways: you can use one to revive with full HP,  or to fully replenish your stamina, and, if you fill 50 friends slots, you can buy five additional slots. For 5 magic stones you can uncover one roll, a chance to receive rare monsters. Coins are used for fusions. The 500x HP (you can choose the amount of HP, ATK and RUC you want) will also help you a lot throughout the game.

The Puzzle & Dragons Hack will generate

  • Unlimited magic stones
  • Unlimited coins
  • 500x HP, ATK, RUC
for iOS
for Android

Battle Camp Hack

Battle Camp Hack is a hacking tool made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android that will generate unlimited gold, stones, energy and one hit KO. for your game, doesn’t require jailbreak, and it´s undetectable online. Made by PennyPop, Battle Camp is an MMO puzzle game with monsters. You can go in raids and defeat monsters among your friends or you can fight in PVP battles, which is quite an amazing achievement for a puzzle game. With over 175 monsters, you´ll have a lot to do.

The thing is that you will be restricted by micro-transactions, which require a lot of gold. You can register to Tapjoy and install some lame apps which  nobody wants in order to get gold, or even spend some money for some gold. But even that gold isn’t enough and you will have to buy the required gold, or to use the Battle Camp Hack, which is free of charge. You can generate unlimited amounts of gold with it, like how’s in the proof below. But why do you need gold? Gold is the premium currency used in Battle Camp and, by using it, you will unlock rare monsters and goodies for your avatar, which can be found in the in-game store. You can also buy energy, with which you can rack up your experience points, which can also be earned by completing quests. The Battle Camp Hack will also generate unlimited stones. Stones are used in fusing monsters, so if you will generate unlimited gold, you will also need to generate unlimited stones. By fusing monsters, your actual monsters will have better stats in attack and health. Evolution will also cost you a lot of stones. So, instead of actually buying gold and spending money for virtual resources, download the hack from here or from the download links below.

The Battle Camp Hack will generate

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited stones
  • Energy
  • Instant K.O.
  • Additional bonus features for the iOS hack like change attack, health, recovery values, and others


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