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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Hack

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Hack is the one and the only hack tool that will give you infinite health, money, decrease match timer, instantly kill enemies and other features which are listed down below.

Mortal Kombat is a hard game. Even hacking this game was a tough job, but we managed to make it work on both singleplayer and  multiplayer modes. Is there an opponent which seems to be unbeatable in the story mode? Why wasting your time and get angry and low self-esteem because a dumb boss is programmed so, when you can download the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Hack. While you might think that it wouldn’t be fair, think at all the time you save by using this hack. Also, as we’ve said before, our hack will also work in multiplayer mode, both cooperative against the CPU or PVP mode. This game can bond but also ruin friendships and it’s pretty unfair sometimes. You know that you deserve to win, and, by using our hack, you will always have the opportunity to test your fatalities on your opponent, because you can now kill it instantly, just by pressing Numpad +.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Hack features

  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Health (like won’t ever decrease)
  • Numpad 2 – Fill Out the Scale X-Ray
  • Numpad 3 – Increase Match Timer
  • Numpad 4 – Reset Timer
  • Numpad 5 – Decrease Match Timer
  • Numpad 6 – Reset Enemy X-Ray
  • Numpad 7 – Add 10.000 Money
  • Numpad 8 – Freeze Match Timer
  • Numpad 9 – Maximum Money
  • Numpad 0 – Reset Enemy Health
  • Numpad * – Kill Enemies (instant kill)

Pepper Panic Saga Hack

Pepper Panic Saga Hack, made by the team of veteran hackers from g4mehacks, will give you unlimited lives, golden bars, flamer grower, flameburst pepper and pepper nets for Pepper Panic Saga on facebook. Another King game that we are pleased to hack. King is probably one of the worst companies when it comes to micro-transactions, attracting people with games which have nice graphics and easy levels at the begging of all the games, but it’s simply a trap set by then in order to spend money for in-game resources. Use the Pepper Panic Saga Hack instead, which works on all the browsers by auto-detecting them

Lives or not unlimited. You will only receive 5, and after you finish them you will gave to wait. Until now! Only by using the Pepper Panic Saga Hack you can have unlimited lives, so you can play your favorite game anytime, without having to wait for other lives, like is would have been in the first place. But it will not only give you unlimited lives, but also unlimited gold bars. That’s right, gold bars for free! They are used to buy boosters and extra moves, but this hack will also give you those separately. The flame grower booster will grow peppers in three stages and so on. The thing is that this hack will help you save your money and play the favorite game in the way you, not them, want to play!

Pepper Panic Saga Hack features unlimited:

  • lives
  • golden bars
  • flamer grower
  • flameburst pepper
  • pepper nets
Primary link
Secondary link

Frozen Free Fall Hack

Frozen Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is the tool that will give you unlimited lives, ice picks, snow balls, moves and hourglass. Made by Disney in order to promote the Frozen movie, this game is plagued by micro-transactions. It is not surprising that we see another game affected by them, but come on! Disney, you could have done better. Just don’t ask players for money, put some ads or something else. It was very easy to hack and it was tested on various devices to make sure that it works without any problems. It doesn’t even require jailbreak.

Let’s talk about each resources that the Frozen Free Fall Hack generates. Lives, like in many other 3 gem swapping games are limited, and after you lose all of them you will have to wait for a couple of minutes or to spend real money for a full set of lives. Why buying lives when you can generate unlimited lives with Frozen Free Fall Hack. It’s a stupid thing not to let gamers play how and when they want, so now you can play as much as you wish. Unlimited moves will also help you anytime. You can’t finish a level with the number of moves provided? Use our hack and unlimited moves will be generated instantly. If you prefer snowballs instead of having unlimited moves, you can select this option. With the hourglass you can freeze the game and with the ice picks (which are infinite after using our hack) you can remove any gem from the board. That means you will never have to lose again, and we all like to win. You won’t ever have to pay for any resources again, only if you download the Frozen Free Fall Hack from g4mehacks.

Frozen Free Fall Hack features unlimited

  • Lives
  • Ice picks
  • Snowballs
  • Moves
  • Hourglass
iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8

Flappy Doge Hack

Flappy Doge Hack (Dumpy Doge Hack on iOS), made by g4mehacks, is a hack made for Android and iOS that will do what the Flappy Bird Hack (also made by us, you can find it here) will do: remove all pipes and ads, invincibility, editable score and so on. It was easy to hack because it’s based on the same engine as Flappy Bird,

It’s just a Flappy Bird copycat with a popular meme dog, the Doge. The bird can be also replaced with the Doge on iOS so you can use the hack from Flappy Bird to the hacked Flappy Doge game. It’s also quite easy to do it, and you can replace with almost every image you want, even with your friend’s head (that would be a big surprise for them). Just download this image file, and replace the old one from /var/mobile/Applications/”Flappy Bird”/

Flappy Doge Hack is an direct tool in which you only have to swipe from off to on in order to work. It was requested by many of our fans, and we listened to them. We hope that we’ve made a good job and we invite you to download other hacks from our site.

Flappy Doge Hack features

  • God mod (invincibility)
  • Score modifier
  • Remove ads
  • Remove pipes
  • Infinite lives (Dumpy Doge Hack)

Ironpants Hack

Ironpants Hack will make you invincible (god mode), remove all ads and also edit your score, on both iOS and Android devices. Because is a popular Flappy Bird clone (for which we have the hack here), we decided to hack it too. It was easy to hack and we hope that you won’t ever be frustrated by this kind of games with hacks like this one.

If the game’s name is Ironpants, than why he falls when he hit the boxes. That just doesn’t make sense! But with using the Ironpants Hack, the game will finally make sense. You will pass through boxes and not get hit by them. Another annoying thing are the ads. Why? Because you can accidentally push on them and your game will be interrupted. If you don’t want this to happen, than download the Ironpants Hack. Finally, if you want to show off in the front of your friends and show them that you have the highest score, you can simply edit the score. Just don’t type a very big score (maximum is 99999999), because nobody will trust you. If you see on the Internet people who have scores that seem to be too high to be real, well you now know why, and you can do the same. Just download the Ironpants Hack from here.


Campus Life Hack

Campus Life Hack, made by g4mehacks, will generate unlimited cash and diamonds for both iOS and Android edition of Campus Life. It is a popular game which attracted our attention due to it’s pay walls imposed by Pocket Gems, the creator of the game. To use it, just download the apps from below and open them. A similar game is High School Story, for which you can download the hack from here.

Diamonds are the premium currency of this game. It will allow you purchase many options such as instant competition of expansions, education points, social gatherings and other premium items to be placed in your sorority house or premium clothes (I think you will enjoy being dressed in a Yellow Draped Dress). Now why should you pay for something like this if you can get all the resources for free from our hacking tool. If you have bought diamonds and you still planned to do so, you’d better download the Campus Life Hack, and stop giving iTunes from $.99 to $19.99 for all the diamonds. Diamonds can also be used to skip goals.

Another important resource is cash. With cash you can easily buy Decor items, appliances and other stuff which a teenager really needs in their living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen (like an ice-cream machine, yummy), and even for a party room. Stop waiting for the delivery time of any item just by using the pink diamond required generated by our hack. By using cash you can even expand your lot, but again, they require you either to wait or to use diamonds for instant competition. Some rooms cost just cash, but there are also rooms which cost diamonds, so real cash, like fancy bedroom. Unlimited hacked cash will also help you with recruiting new members, and you won’t have to wait for them earning money. Build the house of your dreams and enjoy your game, only by downloading the Campus Life Hack.

Campus Life Hack Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free & Instant expansion (on iOS)


for Android
for iOS

City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack

City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack is the first hack tool for this game made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android. Another member of the Flappy family, in City Bird you will play as a fat yellow bird who eats a lot of nuts. In order to get them, the yellow bird mast pass through bumpy rugger walls with yellow squares. If you didn’t tap the screen at the right moment, then your bird will either fall or bump into it and you’ll have to play the game again. Or wait. Maybe you don’t have to do this, because we have managed to create the City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack.

City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack will make your bird invincible, so you will be able to pass through walls without any problems, just like a ghost. It is much funnier to pass through walls than to bump into them, that’s pretty clear for us. Another thing that this hack helps you with is remove those ads from the bottom of the screen. When there’s no more ads, you know that you can’t tap accidental on them. So no more ads = less risk of interrupting your game and lose it. And, if that wasn’t enough, you can simply customize your score. Just type the score you want and you will get it.

City Bird – Flappy Flyer Hack features

  • Invincibility
  • Remove walls
  • Remove ads
  • Edit your score
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Fightback Hack

Fightback Hack is a special hacking tool made by g4mehacks, that gave me gold, ammo, unlimited armor, unlock all weapons and God Mode, for iOS and Android. Being an universal app, it works on both iPhones and iPads, and it doesn’t require jailbreak! This great fighting game, made by Chilingo Ltd, won’t make you chill. It will infuriate you, because it is sometimes too hard, so that you would buy whatever they want you to buy with real money. It isn’t fair!

Use the Fightback Hack instead, and you will never have to buy cash and gold ever again! Our special hack manages to generate an unlimited amount of cash and gold for your favorite character, as you can see in the proof below. With the unlimited ammo and armor you won’t ever die, so if you want to be invincible, make sure that you will use this hack. For ammo you will also need weapons, so our hack unlocks that too. And last, but not least, the God Mode is a special mode that you will discover after downloading this hacking tool for iOS and Android.

FightBack Hack Proof
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Tank Nation Hack

Tank Nation Hack, made for for iOS and Android, will give you unlimited bolts, gems, fuel, cash and the possibility to buy and upgrade anything. It will work in both modes, single-player and multi-player, thanks to our undetectable proxy system.

Tank Nation is made by Wormhole Games. It’s a game with tanks, in which you can lose a lot of battles if you don’t have the right amount of resources. By using our hack, you will be able to upgrade and also power up your tank, thanks to our infinite cash feature. Fuel is also a resource that required our attention and that’s why we have also included it. And they sell you too few gems for a lot of money. It just doesn’t worth it, can’t you see? That is the main reason that we decided, and managed to do the Tank Nation Hack.

Tank Nation Hack features

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited fuel
  • Cash
  • Buy everything
  • Upgrade everything to max
  • Bolts (only for Android)
for iOS
 for Android

Unroll Me Hack

Unroll Me Hack

Unroll Me Hack it’s the ultimate tool for Unroll Me (Android & iOS) that will unlock all level pack and remove all the ads. Categorized as a brain and puzzle game, in Unroll Me, made by TurboChilly, it’s all about moving your blocks with our fingers in order to get the ball to the red one. It is really an interesting game but it also has it’s limits in locking the level packs  for money.

Well, spend no more and download the Unroll Me Hack, if you want to have all those level packs for free. They are directly unlocked after swiping a button. Also, this hack will remove all those annoying ads from this game. We hate ads  and we don’t want to let ads covering our screen. If we don’t stand against this practices, in the future they will cover almost the entire screen in their hunger for money. All the ads are quite disruptive so we must remove them. Remove them for free, as it should have been in the first place, and not by spending your precious money on this. Ads should be optional and that’s what we do.

Unroll Me Hack features

  • Unlock all level packs
  • Remove all ads
  • All levels with 3 stars
Download for Android
Download for iOS