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Flappy Wings Hack

Flappy Wings Hack
Welcome to the Flappy Wings Hack, a g4mehacks tool that will make your bird invincible (Gold mode), remove all ads and modify the score as you wish. This game is another Flappy game clone (you can also find hacks for many flappy games, like Flappy Birds Hack) on our site, since all of them are based on the same engine IOS7 physics engine.
Flappy games are surely frustrating. They may be considered dumb games. In fact these games are simply but entertaining once you get better and better at them. But there are times when, well, Flappy Wings is unfair. Sometimes you won’t hit the green walls, but you will still die. Or if you are concentrated, and somebody will distract you, your bird is dead! To avoid that, use the God Mode feature Flappy Wings Hack. Now your bird is like a ghost: she will pass through walls without dying, and falling on the ground won’t lead to the bird’s death. That’s cool enough. If you want to edit your score, you can do this thing with our hack. Just tap on score and modify it. If you just want to play fair, you will still need to download our hack? Why? Because the game also has many annoying ads. If you press accidentally on one of those ads, than your game is over. Flappy Wings Hack will remove all the ads with ease. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require jailbreak. It will work on any device on which this game works and doesn’t require installation, since it’s a direct app which only requires you to open it. Be the best Flappy Wings player only by downloading the Flappy Wings Hack!
Flappy Wings Hack features
  • God mode (invincibility)
  • Score modifier (max 9999999999999, we chose 1110, because this score is more realistic)
  • Remove ads
Flappy Wings Hack proof
Download the Flappy Wings Hack by clicking on the download buttons below

Robocop Hack

The Robocop Hack will give you unlimited credits, gold, unlock all weapons, double XP and unlimited health. for Android and iOS. Launched by Glu Mobile, the game is inspired from the movie with the same name. You will play as Robocop, who saves hostages, capture informants and fight with robots seen in the movie and so on.

But even if this game is free to play, Glu asks you to pay for gold. And the prices for gold at the shop are simply exaggerated. For example, Glu asks you 5 bucks for a medium gold pack. Isn’t that too much for a game which was supposed to be free? I think so! Now you can generate unlimited gold with the Robocop Hack. And trust me, you will need gold for almost everything which can be unlocked or bought in this game. The unique ammunition for weapons costs 30 gold, and there are other suit upgrades, which will also require cash (also known as credits). A tier 5 weapon like HV-1 Titan will also cost you 312.800 cash or 400 gold, and you can afford that by grinding a lot, buying their gold or using our hack, which is the best choice for those who play the Robocop game. Also, if you need another weapons, this hack will unlock all of them., That’s right, all of them! Just tick the unlock all the weapons feature, and next check your game. Now you can fight in style with your ultimate weapon. Also there is the double xp hack. This option will make your character gain as twice as much XP as before, so you will level up faster. Isn’t that cool? And last, but not least, the Robocop hack will also give you unlimited health. Why should you die if you are Robocop? Robots never die, and it will be the same for you if you download the Robocop Hack you will never die ever again, if you want that.

The Robocop hack works on Android and iOS and it doesn’t require root or jailbreak, because it works on both type of devices, rooted or unrooted, jailbroken or not. Let’s recap the features of the Robocop Hack:

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Double XP
  • Unlimited health
Download the hack  for iOS and Android from the mirrors below

Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Hack

Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Hack is now available for facebook, Android and iOS devices. It generates unlimited rubies, gold, food, stones, metal and lumber. That’s quite a lot of resources :). We made this hack because Kabam is one of the biggest con artist. Why do we say that? Well, they get all your money from glitches. And this game is simply a chase beetween those who pay the most. In this game you will have to expand your city, discover ancient technologies, build an army and even a dragon, in order to conquer the entire world.

Rubies are the premium currency of this game. With rubies you can shorten or skip the long required cooldown periods for building, travelling, training and resource production periods. You will start only with 10 rubies. That’s all! Come on, Kabam, give the new players more rubies. 10 are not enough. Generate 999999 rubies instead by using the Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Hack.You will also get some gold at the beggining of the game. Sure, that’s fine, but not enough! You can tax the poor citizens more and more until they will strike, but don’t blame them, blame Kabam. The other resources take a long time to earn them and it just doesn’t worth the time spent in-game. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require jailbreak, and it’s undetectable thanks to our advanced algorithms. Use the Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Hack to generate all the resources you want, anytime.

Resources generated by Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Hack

  • Unlimited rubies
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited stones
  • Unlimited metal
  • Unlimited lumber


Download for Android + Facebook Tool
Download for iOS


Empire: Four Kingdoms Hack

Empire: Four Kingdoms Hack

The Empire: Four Kingdoms Hack, made by the g4mehacks team, generates unlimited rubies, gold, wood, stones and food for your game, on both iOS and Android devices. Another game made by GoodGames (and we also have the hack for Goodgame Empire here, as well as other hacks for every Goodgame game from facebook), Empire: Four Kingdoms is a strategy game similar to Age of Empires. It’s a game in which you build troops and form alliances. A game in which you upgrade your castle and defeat all your enemies.

Thee thing is though, you need rubies in order to unlock certain features, because rubies are the premium currency of this game. This game just keeps asking for rubies, and many people buy rubies even if it’s not fair. Stop buying them and download the  Empire: Four Kingdoms Hack from here. Sure, you can buy them or earn them ingame, but earning them for free is hard and mundane. You will get some by completing tasks, leveling up (for example 60 rubies at level 5) and by logging in.

Rubies can be used in order to speed up upgrades, to decorate your castle with ruby decorations  to show who’s the boss, castle extensions, drill ground, fire station or military hospital, or even upgrading the bakery, it’s up to you. But those rubies won’t be enough to produce tools. The other resources, such as gold, wood, stones and food are necessary for your buildings, upgrades and troops. The workers grind too slow this resources, so you’d better generate them by using the Empire: Four Kingdoms Hack. Easy to use, this small app, which cannot be detected and doesn’t require jailbreak, will really  help you a lot in this game!

Empire: Four Kingdoms Hack features unlimited

  • rubies
  • gold
  • wood
  • stones
  • food
Empire Four Kingdoms Hack Proof


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myVEGAS Slots Hack

myVEGAS Slots Hack

myVEGAS Slots Hack is a hacking tool developed by g4mehacks. It will add unlimited chips on facebook, iOS and Android edition for your account. Why have we made this hack? Because the game almost forces you, after a couple of days, to buy chips, by making the game harder in order to spend as many credits as possible. Why buying chips, which are virtual currency that won’t bring you real money in return? Generate them instead with the myVEGAS Slots Hack. The facebook version, which can be seen in the image above, it’s very simple to use. Just select the amount of chips and Loyalty Points you want and them press on Activate. In just a couple of seconds, you will have a lot of chips to spend. The myVEGAS Slots Hack will auto-detect your browser, and we have tested it on Chrome, iE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, and it will work on any browser you use. There is also a tool for Android and iOS which looks a bit different, but it is also simple to use, like the facebook myVEGAS Slots Hack.

We really like this game made by Playstudios because it induces us in the Vegas casinos atmosphere. But the chips limitation is enough to make not playing anymore this wonderful game. Don’t give up, instead use our myVEGAS Slots Hack.

myVEGAS Slots Hack features

  • Chips
  • Loyalty points
myVEGAS Slots Hack
Download for facebook
Download for Android
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Galaxy Legend Hack

The Galaxy Legend Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is the only certified tool which can generate unlimited credits, cubits, energy and also VIP. The game is made by Tap4Fun, but whose tapping for fun anymore with all those micro-transactions imposed by the game’s mechanics? Here comes the g4mehacks team to help you generate infinite resources in order to bring the fun back!

The premium currency of this game are credits. They also be earned in-game championships or bought with real money. Now why would you do that if you have here the alternative: the Galaxy Legend Hack! You can buy various things with credits, like level 2 and 3 commanders, projections, Alloy fragments, Speed stones, which are the only stones that can be used in order to speed up all the upgrades and the constructions of all the buildings on the Moon! About cubits, another resource which is generated by our Galaxy Legend Hack, and you can get them in battles by rushes. With  2000 cubits you can also change portals. Use our hack and cubits won’t be a problem no more. Warp energy in order to convert cubits to leptons. You can directly reach VIP 12 by using our hack. You will get all the VIP rewards. The Galaxy Legend Hack is a simple app which doesn’t require install. Open, tap the resources you need and type 99999 or whatever amount you want.

Galaxy Legend Hack features unlimited

  • Credits
  • Cubits
  • Energy
  • VIP – 1 to 12

Download the hack from the following mirrors