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Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack CheatThe Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is a hack that generates unlimited skill points, ammo, unlocks all weapons and invincibility (God mode/Speed Hack).  The game is made by Gameloft, a great publisher which, for the first time, passed the micro-transaction wall and directly sells the game, which is the best method to share a game. But we feel that skill points are pretty hard to earn, you get short on ammo sooner than it should and there are already hackers which are invincible, so you must use the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack to get all this advantages.

The Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack generates unlimited skill points. With them you can activate class-specific skills. Also, you will usually get low on ammo, but if you use the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack, ammo won’t be a problem anymore. About weapons,  you have to unlock them by getting kills with the weapon class. You can use these weapons in both single-player and multi-player, so unlocking all the weapons will help you a lot. And last, but not least, the god mode will make you invincible and you will never die again. The Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack is very easy to use and doesn’t require root or jailbreak. Just download the app, open it, tap on off buttons to become on. The next step is to type the amount of skill points and ammo you want (9999999999 ammo means unlimited ammo and you won’t have to recharge it again). Tapping twice on God Mode will also give you Speed hack. The last step is to tap on save. The hack will show this message after it has finished hacking the game:


Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack generates

  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlock all Weapons
  • Invincibility & Speed Hack

Download the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack from below



Order & Chaos Online Hack

Order & Chaos Online Hack

The Order & Chaos Online Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hacking tool that generates unlimited runes, coins, soul signets and god mode (invincibility) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It doesn’t require root or jailbreak. The game is made by Gameloft, and it’s one of the greatest MMORPG on mobile devices. Being an online game, Order & Chaos Online was the hardest game to hack for us, that’s why we released it so late. With five races: Elves, Humans, Order, Orcs, Undead and Chaos, 1000 skills and 2200 armor pieces, Order & Chaos Online is one of the biggest WoW like MMORPG. But it’s not normal for a big company like Gameloft to sell runes and coins.

Runes are the premium currency of the game. With them you can buy premium items from Ubiquitous Nick, unlock an extra character slot, revive on the spot after death and buy epic armor sets from Greenmont., as well as special pets and boosts. But you cannot get runes through gameplay, and those who buy them are superior at gear, but not at skills. So if you don’t want to be frustrated anymore that somebody with better gear but with less skills defeat you, use the  Order & Chaos Online Hack. Coins are easy to earn, from mob kills, selling useless items, quests and many other activities, like getting a profession. There are three type of coins: copper, silver and gold. Your account can be filled with even 99999999 golden coins if you want that. The soul signets are harder to earn, from bosses, buying with gold, daily quests and others.  If you need a lot of soul signets, use this hack. The last feature is god mode, or invincibility. Using that means that you will never die. The Order & Chaos Online Hack is undetectable and it was tested for over two months on iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use. Open, tick the resources, type the amount you wand and press on save. After hacking the game should look something like this:

Order & Chaos Online Hack proof



Rival Knights Hack

Rival Knights Hack

Rival Knights Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is the only hacking tool that will give you unlimited coins, gemstones, social and royal seals. The Rival Knights Hack doesn’t require root or jailbreak in order to work. The game is made by Gameloft, a great developer for which we hacked several games. We like medieval games and their atmosphere, and Rival Knights is one of those. But still, Gameloft is a developer who tries to squeeze every penny from their players, so this time they have decided to sell both coins and gemstones, which is ridiculous, since usually developer sell only one premium resource. But you can forget about buying them , because the Rival Knights Hack generates all the resources you need.

The gemstones are the premium currency of this game, and you can buy with them rare equipment and boosts. Coins, the other resource generated by our hack, can be won, like gemstones, by winning events. Also you can get them after certain bonuses: if you manage a perfect start, hits and develop a high speed. You can also win coins from training sessions or if you have lost or your result in the event is a tie, but still you won’t have enough coins and gemstones to buy every piece of armor you want. Instead, use the Rival Knights Hack. It will surely fulfill your in-game needs. Other resources generated by the Rival Knights Hack are the seals: royal (against AI) and social (against other players). If you’re out of seals, that means that you will have to wait. But this isn’t a problem anymore, because the Rival Knights Hack generates all of them. The hack is easy to use: download the hack, open it, tap on off to become on and then type the amount of resources you need. After you finished doing that, press on save. You will know when the Rival Knights Hack finished hacking by displaying the following image:




My Little Pony Hack

My Little Pony Hack

My Little Pony Hack is a tool made by the g4mehacks team, which will generate unlimited bits and gems for you cute ponies for My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. We don’t agree with in-game micro-transactions, so we decided to go ahead and create this hack for both iOS and Android devices. My Little Pony is made by Gameloft, a company which is getting richer every day from micro-transactions. Luckily you are now in the right page, because here is the tool you’ve been looking for. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and the rest of your ponies will thank you for helping them with the cash bits and gems generated by our hack.

There are two currencies in this game: Bits (the gold coins) and the premium currency known as gems. Gems can be used in various ways, such as purchasing special objects They will give you some gems at the beginning of the game and throughout it, but it won’t be enough in order to develop your pony, and to get better in all the mini-games (our favorite being Ball Bounce and Magic Wings). About the balloon pop mini-game: an additional balloon pop costs ten more gems. If you want to get another turns after finishing all of them, you will also have to use to use gems. Also, you will need decorations to finish quests, and some of them cost a lot, so it’s better to use the My Little Pony Hack.

You will only receive 4000 bits at the beginning of the game, which is certainly not enough. With the My Little Pony Hack you can generate thousands of coins. With all those resources you can buy any pony and customize it as you wished, just like it should have been the game in the first game. Our hack was already tested by many people on various Android and iOS devices and we also want to thank for all your positive feedback and comments. Your support really make us continue and develop more and more hacks, for all the gamers in the world!


Blitz Brigade Hack

blitz-brigade-hackBlitz Brigade Hack is a hack tool that will give you unlimited coins and diamonds for Android and iOS. This FPS is made by Gameloft, a company well known for including micro-transactions in their products. We enjoy this game, because it is online, for which our hack also works, and features up  to 12 players and 5 classes: Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Soldier, Stealth. You can now stop buying diamonds and start using our hack, the Blitz Brigade Hack, which will help you finish missions, buying every weapon you want and even more!

Diamonds are the premium currency of this game, and you can use for gaming and entertainment purposes. You can buy different greetings, taunts and signatures, as well as bundles such as Starter and Elite Packs.  But the game will try not to give you to many diamonds, and you have two choices: getting game in-game or watching videos, linking a page or purchasing flowers, which, as we think, are some bad jokes. Stop wasting your time on this kind of offers, and download the  Blitz Brigade Hack, that instantly generates all the resources you need!  And you will need a lot of diamonds in this game. You will use them, alongside old, to buy and upgrade weapons, training, consumables, boost items, or unlock advanced stages. Even the Medic, Sniper and Stealth classes or becoming a VIP are actions which require diamonds in order to be unlocked. The Double XP and the God Mode are features which also work in multiplayer and which will help you develop your character faster. 35 diamonds, the amount with which you will start this game, is clearly not enough, and must be supplemented with the diamonds which Blitz Brigade Hack has to offer.  There are two hacks in both Android and iOS archives, one of them being for multiplayer.

Blitz Brigade Hack features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Double XP
  • God Mode

The second hack

  • Infinite Ammo – no decrease
  • Infinite Health
  • No Recoil
  • No Gravity ( Lets you run in the sky freely)
  • Can’t be Knifed (Enemies can’t knife you)
  • Speed Hack (3x faster than normal speed)
  • Knife Hack
  • Super Jump/Infinite Jetpack
  • Invisible Actions (Everybody else you only appear at your spawn location. However you are free to move about and kill people with your guns. You body is still vulnerable.)


Blitz Brigade Hack Proof

Download for iOS


Download for Android


Asphalt 8: Airborne Hack v3.0

Hello gamers! Today I will show you our latest hack, the Asphalt 8: Airborne Hack v3.0. You will be able to unlock all the cars, season passes and maybe the most important thing, free cars. It works on both iOS and Android (new – also for Windows Phone!) and you won’t have to pay for in-game credits ever again. You can see that, the game is free, but if you want to finish the game, it is very hard to do it without buying credits through micro-transactions at least once. And a Pro Credit Pack costs $19.99, and to unlock the three seasons, you will have to pay more. We don’t agree with their policy, so that’s why we have made this hack, to address to these problems.

Asphalt 8: Airborne, developed by Gameloft, has 17 licensed cars and that means quite a lot in terms of licensed cars. It also have licensed tracks and you can even perform stunts in the air. Another feature of this hack is that your nitro bar will never consume ever again! That means infinite nitro! Isn’t that awesome? This hack also works in the Elimination mode where the last player is eliminated and mayhem in which a player takes out more cars. Credits are essential in buying cars and even more things!

Important info

  • This hack is free of charge
  • This hack gives you unlimited credits, stars and XP
  • You will save a lot of time and money
  • It works in multiplayer (World Series)
  • It’s undetectable

How to use the hack?

  • Download the archive (which contains the hacks for iOS an Android). You do not have to plug in your device, unless you want to use the PC tool especially made for this hack.
  • Tick the resources you need:
  • Tap on activate
  • That’s it. Stop paying for the game and for the resources! Enjoy your hacked game ;)!
Download links
Android & iOS
Windows Phone (8.1 and below)

Iron Man 3 Hack

Iron Man 3 Hack will generate unlimited credits, ISO-8 and infinite health, for both Android & iOS, and you won’t have to root or jailbreak your iPhone. Made for Iron Man 3 – The Official Game, the Iron Man 3 Hack Tool will help you in your adventure as Tony Stark, in three different locations like China, New York and Malibu Shores. This game is very similar to Temple Run 2, being one of the best endless runner games. Gameloft, the publisher of this games, make great games, and this one is no exception. But, there are those micro-transactions which sell virtual goods, which can be generated with this hack made by g4mehacks. Also, you will have below more Iron Man 3 Tips.

Stark credits are required in in upgrading the armor in these categories: Special, Weapon and HP. Each time you upgrade this you  ISO-8 is the premium currency which is used in many different aspects throughout the game. You can also complete achievements to earn these two resources, but it takes a lot. If you want to continue the current game playing after Iron Man croaks, you will also have to play ISO-8. If you want to continue your game for more times, it will cost you more ISO-8 every time you use this feature. After you start with the Mark III armor, you will be able to research three additional slots. If you want a new suit after those, you will have to pay 70 ISO-8. You won’t need iFile or other program to use it, just use the hack tool from a PC or Mac or directly the hack for iPhone or for Android, at your choice.

Features of the Iron Man 3 Hack

  • Unlimited credits
  • ISO-8
  • Infinite Health
  • Unlimited exp

So, after we have hacked the game, we have tested the g4mehacks hack on various devices such as Samsung Galaxy II, III and IV and iPhone 4, 5S, and on various tablets such as iPad mini and other Android tablets. As a  result, you can see the proof of our hack

Enjoy the hack!
for iOS
for Android

Thor The Dark World Hack

Thor The Dark World Hack

Welcome to Thor The Dark World Hack, a hack made by the g4mehacks team that will give you free infinite uru, runes and ISO-8, and upgrades for armor, weapons and skills, for both Android and iOS devices. This action-adventure game is licensed by Marvel and made by Gameloft. You will play as Thor, the God of Thunder, and you will lead armies of Asgardians such as Sif, Heimdall and the Warriors Three, great warriors. The Thor The Dark World Hack is an original g4mehacks hack, which won’t require your phone to be jailbroken or rooted, and we are proud to present it here.

With over 90 missions and 10 powerful armor sets and hammers, Thor TDW, this game is good. But you won’t feel overpowered, like a god should feel, because of micro-transactions. Uru, the premium currency, costs from $1.99 to $49.99. That’s a rip off! And why do we say that. First time when you will connect on facebook you will receive 5 pieces of uru. And then what? They ask you to complete some tasks or to complete some achievements. ISO-8 also requires you to beat a stage in order to earn it. And if you lose the stage, you lose your ISO-8.

Thor The Dark World Hack, made by the experienced team of hackers from g4mehacks, is undetectable, so you won’t ever get banned. We tested it on iPhone 4, 5, 5S, a few iPads,m Galaxy II, III, IV and several Android devices and tablets, to be sure that you will get what you want: a free and easy to use Thor The Dark World Hack.

In order to work, you will need to respect the following instructions:

1-Get into the game, and go to any ARMOR hit “upgrade” and it will shows you, you don’t have enough gold to upgrade and ask if you want to purchase uru, then stay in that screen, now switch to Gameplayer and enter the amount of uru that asked you to purchase, example “5″, then search.
2 -Go back to the game, go to any WEAPON and hit “upgrade”, same thing will happen like in step 1, do the same thing but this time enter the amount of uru that asked to purchase, example “15″, then search.
3 -Now you will see about 4-6 matched numbers in Gameplayer, then change the DBW one to -99999999.
4 -Go back to the game then hit uru button that you left from the screen. Done!

After you apply this hack, your screen will look like this

for iOS
for Android

Dragon Mania Hack

Hello, today’s the day of the Dragon Mania Hack!  This hack will give you free unlimited food, coins and gems, for Android devices. It’s developed by Gameloft, and it’s a refreshing game in the field of dragon themed games, like Dragon City (you can find the hack for it here). It’s an exciting game in witch you can breed your own dragons, over 50 in this game, in which can be trained and can fight each other!

But, you will need resources, in order to build and improve their habitats, food to feed them, boost their levels and finally attract as many visitors as possible! It’s hard to fulfill all their needs without using the Dragon Mania Hack, and if you are on this page, that means that you know it better than us. By using the  Dragon Mania Hack you will have the chance to defeat all your opponents, raid Viking’s castle and become master of the arena!

We hate the things that big publishers like Gameloft do: they give you a game for free but earn a lot more from micro-transactions! That leads to higher costs than buying the game. This is a business model taken from Clash of Clans, and we want to stop this by giving you our Dragon Mania Hack!

It will help you purchase eggs, raise buildings and upgrade them in order to hold more troops. Baby Dragons require a lot of food! Gems are used to eliminate wait times, and they cost a lot! Don’t fall in the publisher’s trap and, instead of spending money on gems, download the Dragon Mania Hack! It’s undetectable, because Gameloft has some flaws in their servers, and it works very fast, it takes from two to ten seconds to hack the game, depending on you device.

Dragon Mania Hack features:

  • Gold Hack for Dragon Mania
  • Gems Hack for Dragon Mania
  • Food Hack for Dragon Mania
  • Dragon Mania Hack – 100% safe to use
  • Dragon Mania Cheat- tested every time is needed and updated if required
  • Dragon Mania Hack is easy to use just download, choose want you want to generate and press Press to Start Hack!

Other Features:

  • No Cheat Engine required
  • No framework software Needed
  • Anti-ban protection
  • Supports all Operating Systems
  • Supports all major Android devices
  • Auto update feature
  • Able to generate unlimited food, games and gold for Dragon Mania

Green Farm 3 Hack

Hello, today I will show you our latest hack, the Green Farm 3 Hack. A game similar to our beloved Hay Day, Green Farm 3 is made by Gameloft for Android & iOS. There isn’t to much to say about this game, but you will complete different tasks like restoring a manor with the help of neighbors and friends, and developing farming skills such as harvester, growing many different crops and animals, and many more. The mechanics of the game are really awesome! With the resources gathered you can make delicious pies, soups, and pancakes, and you can sell them for coins (but not to much coins) :(, that’s why you should use the  Green Farm 3 Hack)
The Green Farm 3 Hack will give you
  •  Unlimited coins
  •  Unlimited farm cash (The Farm Cash is used to by adult animals, gathering resouces faster and many more. The Green Farm 3 Hack will give you plenty of Farm Cash)
  •  Unlock all
  •  Proxy
  •  Undetectable
  •  Simple to use.
How to use the hack?
  • Unzip the file
  • Open the app for iPhone on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or the one for Android or even for the Java Platform. This is the first hack made for java games by our site, because this game was requested originally on java. Long live java gamers!
  • Tick the resources
  • Edit the values
  • Press on start
This game is free, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t hack it. The hack is clean and will work on any android or iOS device. It has a lot of awful in-app purchase which can be easily replaced by our hack, for free! That’s right, no more paying hundred of dollars on things which should be given for free. Wake up against companies who want to suck our money and use the Green Farm 3 Hack with confidence. We worked a lot on this hack and we released it in public because our site’s philosophy is to help anyone who needs hacks like Green Farm 3 Hack. This hack is awesome and all the gamers deserve it! 😀
Enjoy the hack!
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