Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Hack

Ace-Fishing-Wild-Catch-HackThe Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Hack will generate unlimited cash, gold, double XP and unlimited energy, and it is made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS devices. Made by Com2uS USA, is a relaxing fishing game which we really enjoy. We also have a hack for SUper Fisherman, which you can find here. This hack is dedicated to Erik’s father, one of the g4mehacks hacker’s team, is also a fisherman who, when he doesn’t have the time nor the possiblity to go fishing, he plays Ace Fishing: Wild Catch. He felt that he doesn’t have enough cash and gold in order to have the finest fishing rod and bait. So, at his request, we have made this hack. But it’s not just for him, but for all who play Ace Fishing: Wild Catch and think that extra cash and gold might help them vatch more fish than ever.

Cash is the premium currency of this game, which costs beetween 13$ for 110 cash and even 125$ for 1300 cash. That is really exhagerated, so better download the The Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Hack and generat how moch cash you want, whenever you want. And you will need a lot of cash in this game. In each location there is a 3-tier set of lures and lines. Two can be bough with gold and one with cash. Also you will need cash for advanced powerups. Also, the expensive boosters, which increase your XP and gold yields, can only be bought with a ton of cash.
Gold can be earned by growing the caught fish and selling it or by participating in various tournaments and timed events. You can use them, like cash, for buying fishing tanks. You will need it for regular powerup and other items. Another great resource generated by our hack is energy. One Energy is refilled after 10 minutes, when you have less than 15 Energy, but with this hack, you can replenish your energy whenever you want. Stop completing the same quests over and over again If you want to catch more fish faster and not wasting your time on repetitive quests, then the Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is perfect for you.

The Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Hack generates

  • Unlimited cash
  • Gold
  • Unlimited energy
  • Double XP


Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack Proof

Download for iOS


Download for Android



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  1. Sven Paselk says:


  2. Jessica says:

    fishing was boring without the proper tools, which I bought thanks to this hack!

  3. john says:

    Thanks for cash, gold & energy!

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