Angry Birds Go Hack

The Angry Birds Go Hack will give you the resources you need the most: coins and gems, for free. It will also unlock the Jenga level and unlock all the cars. It works for the iOS and Android versions of the game (NEW – working one Windows Mobile version) Made by Rovio, Angry Birds is the kart racing game I have expected. It’s fun and challenging, but at one point the game tries to force you to buy coins or gems.
Angry Birds Go Hack Features
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock Jenga
  • Codes Hack
Coins are used for car upgrades. If you don’t have the car’s cc high enough to take part in a race, than you will have either to repeat the old races or to buy gems. You will receive some gems at the begging, but after that they are very hard to get. And gems are extremely important. Coins can be bought with gems. I don’t see the point in buying the coin doubler feature if you will use our hack for unlimited coins! Also, another thing that made us angry is that your bird has only 5 energy dots. After you finish them, guess what? They’ll ask you to use gems in order to refill it, or to wait ten minutes. I was in a nasty situation at the begging of the game when  both the red and the pink bird had the energy bar empty, so I had to wait. For what? That isn’t fair! Also, both hacks contain a unlimited code generator, just in case you need codes.
This game taxes you for everything! The game asked as the second time we opened it if we want to buy the Jenga level. No way, we won’t spend our money on a Pirate Pig Attack toy or a code. Just tap on on and than activate, and you can play this level for free. There are three cars at the begging which can be bought with coins, after that you will have to pay real money for virtual cars? They even ask you $9.99 for a Soda Pop Sedan car. That doesn’t sound right, and for that thing we made the Angry Bird Go Hack too. These micro-transactions schemes are clearly pesky, and that’s why we hack games. Games like Angry Birds are meant to be fun, not to make you angry. Easy to use, the Angry Bird Go Hack requires you to open, select the device on which you have the game installed, type the amount of coins and gems you need and then press on Off to become On and than click on apply. For Android you will just have to download the apk and install it over your game (it won’t overwrite your save file). You have a text instruction for the both hacks You can see the proof below and you can download the Angry Bird Go Hack from the mirrors below.
iOS & Windows Mobile

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  1. jack says:

    I use it on m iPhone and I’m happy with it 🙂

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    I really needed this!

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    Thanks Great help

  7. Stephanie says:

    I downloaded for my kindle fire and I really like having unlimited coins and gems. I have already upgraded all my karts and bought some new ones

  8. Marquise says:

    It works for me and I don’t know how to thank you for it:)

  9. Mario Nava says:

    Excelent hack thaks you

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