Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Hack

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Hack, made by g4mehacks for PC, will make this game a lot easier by giving you unlimited health, lives and power-ups. AVGN is a great Internet celebrity and we admire him for his attitude toward bad games. We share his vision and to thank for it’s videos about older games, we have made the AVGN Hack. It will help you get more achievements for your steam account, myself managing to unlock all of them with this hack, even the You’ve got skill! AVGN is not a bad game, but surely is an very hard game, paying tribute for old good games through references for Castlevenia, the moon from, and even inspired from Custer’s Revenge. In this game the Nerd has the ultimate mission: to save his friends (Mike Matei, Bs’ Man and Kyle Justin) and  who were sucked in a TV set, with your agile movement skills and a NES Zapper in your hands. He must defeat the bosses he fears the most: Mr. Hyde, The Giant Claw Custer and even Fred Fuchs in order to save his friends.

It has NES style graphics, just like in the 80’s games played by our beloved nerd. About the game: one of the most frustrating levels is the Assholevenia level in which you can die if you aren’t in the right place at a right time. If you are not paying attention for a moment and you touch the skull-faced block, you’re dead. That’s why you need invincibility. So choose our hack in order not to get angry like us. By using this hack you will surely keep your keyboard or your controller save (we have even smashed a keyboard in testing the hack for this game). We guarantee you won’t smash your keyboard if you use it :). The AVGN keyboard controls are: the arrow buttons for movement, Z for jump and X for shooting,  I (Erik) only finished the first two levels, and got stumped at Future F’balls 2010, and after I decided to create the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Hack to be able to finish the game. It really made me angry with the red big message which appears after you die but it also amused me with the famous Nerd’s quotes. AVGN doesn’t cheat, but we are not him and we can do this.  Enjoy our hack.

AVGN Adventures Hack features:

  • Unlimited health
  • Infinite lives
  • Infinite power-ups
  • Bonus features

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