Assassin Creed III Season Pass Code Generator

Assassins Creed III is maybe the best game in the series. At least that’s my opinion. I have played it and I haven’t seen such graphics and historic accuracy in any other game. But what attracted me the most wasn’t the main game, but the downloadable content. Oh boy, I can tell you that they beat the game at any level. I just can’t imagine how they managed to use the actual graphic engine to implement some transformation levels. It is completely surreal. If you have bought the game, that means you should receive the DLC’s for free. But this won’t happen because Ubisoft wants to squeeze every penny from us. So what have we done? We have worked with Skidrow at this pass code generator for season pass. They just gave us what it was needed in order to hack their server an be able to get the codes. This generator will give you access to three DLC’s: The Tyrany of King Washington (which I’ve played) and two things pack: The Hidden Secrets Pack and The Battle Hardener pack. Now let me explain how to use the Assassin Creed III Season Pass Code Generator. First, you will have to download it by pressing on the button below and open it. Select the country from which you are from and then the console you play. Click on generate and wait for the green bar to fully load. The generated code will be displayed at the status section. Now you will ask me why this generator is for free. Well, that’s because we want to make Internet a better place. That’s right! Once when I was younger I was told that I can find everything on the internet. But it wasn’t true. I’ll try to change this in gaming. And believe me, this generator is just the beginning!

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