Battle Camp Hack

Battle Camp Hack is a hacking tool made by g4mehacks for iOS and Android that will generate unlimited gold, stones, energy and one hit KO. for your game, doesn’t require jailbreak, and it´s undetectable online. Made by PennyPop, Battle Camp is an MMO puzzle game with monsters. You can go in raids and defeat monsters among your friends or you can fight in PVP battles, which is quite an amazing achievement for a puzzle game. With over 175 monsters, you´ll have a lot to do.

The thing is that you will be restricted by micro-transactions, which require a lot of gold. You can register to Tapjoy and install some lame apps which  nobody wants in order to get gold, or even spend some money for some gold. But even that gold isn’t enough and you will have to buy the required gold, or to use the Battle Camp Hack, which is free of charge. You can generate unlimited amounts of gold with it, like how’s in the proof below. But why do you need gold? Gold is the premium currency used in Battle Camp and, by using it, you will unlock rare monsters and goodies for your avatar, which can be found in the in-game store. You can also buy energy, with which you can rack up your experience points, which can also be earned by completing quests. The Battle Camp Hack will also generate unlimited stones. Stones are used in fusing monsters, so if you will generate unlimited gold, you will also need to generate unlimited stones. By fusing monsters, your actual monsters will have better stats in attack and health. Evolution will also cost you a lot of stones. So, instead of actually buying gold and spending money for virtual resources, download the hack from here or from the download links below.

The Battle Camp Hack will generate

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited stones
  • Energy
  • Instant K.O.
  • Additional bonus features for the iOS hack like change attack, health, recovery values, and others


Mirror 1

Mirror 2


2 Responses to Battle Camp Hack

  1. Yolo says:

    very good

  2. John M Debrouckere says:

    useful hack, helped me save a lot of cash 🙂

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