Beat the Boss 2 Hack Tool

The Beat the Boss 2 Hack Tool (Kick the Boss 2 Hack Tool) is a tool that will give you back the things that this game should have given you in the first place for free! Based on micro-transactions like many other games, Beat the Boss 2 requires coins and diamonds (so typical!) for buying guns, unlocking buildings faster and for creating weapons. This hack does all the things for free!  We give all the coins and diamonds for free! That means, instead of paying $99.99 for 15,500 Diamonds (this is the price if you want to buy them from the game makers), you will get unlimited diamonds for free! That’s outrageous! The Beat the Boss 2 Hack Tool will give coins, diamonds, instant building and weapons for free! It will also give you free items for your weapons.

I really enjoy this game, I think that having a chance to imagine the person you hate instead of the generic bosses it’s a great idea, but it just doesn’t worth paying for the resources. About the instant building feature, the Beat the Boss 2 Hack Tool will also give you that because they should have let you take a place for free once you reach the required level. But no, they had to ask for coins and let you wait for ridiculous amount of times like a couple of hours! The hack also unlocks the weapons and any objective which seems to hard to be passed. A game played for relaxing matters and revenge should not be frustrating in any way. And one of the last features is the instant leveling. Do you want to reach the maximum level? You’ll just have to tap a button. The Beat the Boss 2 Hack Tool unlocks for all of us the ultimate experience for both Android and iOS users (also for Kick The Boss 2 (17+)). Download the hack and respect the instructions in the archive in order to install it correctly. Enjoy!

Proof that it works:

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