Big Win Racing Hack Tool

Big Win Racing Hack Tool will give you the most important resources: Big Bucks and Money. It is working on Android and iOS devices, you can find them in the archive below. Made by Hothead Games, known for their Big Win sport series games, this game is an enjoying racing experience. And it’s for free. But they ask you for a lot of money for Big Bucks.
For Big Bucks you will need to win races or the championship. But if you need Big Bucks before that, what should you do. Don’t buy them! Use the Big Win Racing Hack Tool. You shouldn’t spend real money on games which are for free. Do the right thing an download our hack. It will also give you unlimited coins, which, as big bucks, can be used in buying silver decks and even more!
We think that this game is well made, with great graphics, but still too challenging without big bucks. We have tested the hack on Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 and we had no problems in using it. Our mission is to create hacks for all the games which force you to buy, at one point, resources. That means that the best thing to do is to use this hack.
Big Win Racing Hack Tool Features
  • Money
  • Big Bucks
How to use the hack?
1. Download the archive
2. Unrar it
3. Place on /var/Mobile/Application/BigWinRacing/Library/Preferences/
4.Open the game
5.Enjoy unlimited Big Bucks and Money/
Primary mirror
 Secondary mirror

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