Castleville Legends Hack

Hello! Have you ever wondered how a Castleville Legends Hack might help you? Wonder no more! This hack will give you unlimited gold, coins, crowns and gems. This is the second game from the series, with the first one’s hack being posted right here. I really like to explore those legendary lands from Castleville Legends, to grow my kingdom and to use my mystic powers. It has great graphics and it’s pretty funny. We have made two hacks, one for each platform (Android and iOS).
This hack will give you free unlimited:
  • Gold
  • Coins
  • Crowns
  • Gems
How to use it?
1. Download game and install it. Close game from multitask.
2. Download zip file
3. Use iFunbox or iFile go to /var/mobile/Applications/CastleVille/
4. Extract from zip “Documents” folder.
5. Go to game and Enjoy 😀

So, instead buying satchels of crowns and coins, just use the Castleville Legends Hack.

One Response to Castleville Legends Hack

  1. Jill says:

    I love zynga games, but I need to play a lot to gather resources, so that’s why I’m happy to use this :D!

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