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League of Angels Hack

League of Angels Hack

The League of Angels Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hack tool that generates unlimited gold, diamonds, stamina and also enables VIP. League of Angels is a great browser game, very popular this days, but which still use micro-transaction schemes for unlocking several features like VIP or by selling in-game resources. With the League of Angels Hack you will never have to buy, or complete R2games offers in order to receive the resources you need.

With diamonds, the premium resource of this game, you can buy premium items, like wings, suit or shop mount. You can donate them, use them for alchemy, or you can keep battling in the arena by spending diamonds. Gold, the main currency of this game, is gained after almost each action, but even with your gold earned you will still need a lot more. Gold is used for purchasing almost everything, especially armor. If you want to defeat all your online opponents in the arena, or if you have difficulties at some quests, than you can use the League of Angels Hack unlimited stamina feature. And, thanks to our experience, we also have managed to hack R2games servers so that you can now enjoy VIP for free. We think that it’s not fair to differentiate players through features such as VIP. The League of Angels Hack is easy to use, that’ why we tried to make it with a simple interface, but very effective. It works on every server and on most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and iE. If you don;t have one of this browsers, just tick on Chrome and it will work. It is undetectable so you don’t risk getting banned.

How to use the League of Angels Hack?

First, select the amount of gold, diamonds and stamina you want, or tick the VIP box if you want to become a VIP. Next, select the browser you use. Next, press on activate. After the hack will announce you that it finished hacking, the game should look something like this:

League of Angels Hack proof

The League of Angels Hack generates

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited stamina
  • VIP

Download the League of Angels Hack from here:



Grepolis Hack

Grepolis HackThe Grepolis Hack, made by the g4mehacks team, is a hack that will give you unlimited wood, rock, silver coins and gold. It works with any browser, auto-detecting it. Made by InnoGames GmbH, Grepolis is a strategy game inspired from the Ancient Greek. But many times you may feel that you don’t have enough resources to buy everything you need. And without a good defense, you know that you are doomed. But the thing that intrigued us the most is that InnoGames asks money for gold. This is normal for mobile games, where micro-transactions exists. But for a browser game? We cannot accept this, so here is the Grepolis Hack.

The Grepolis Hack generates four of the most important resources in this game: wood, rock, silver coins and gold. You will use them for everything, from buildings and their upgrades to troops. And to have a large army, it’ clearly that you will need a lot of these four resources. Gold is the premium resource which can only be bought or earned by inviting friends. With it you can reduce the build as twice as faster than before or even build instantly. You can even become the host of the Olympic Games. Also you can  instantly call merchants or extend the divine power. It’s up to you what will you use the resources for.

Grepolis Hack generates

  • Unlimited wood
  • Unlimited rock
  • Unlimited silver coins
  • Unlimited gold

Grepolis Hack Proof

Download it from here:



Fairy Tail Online Hack

Fairy Tail Online HackThe Fairy Tail Online Hack, made by g4mehacks, generates unlimited gold and silver coins, stamina, honor, and enables VIP.
The game is based on the anime series with the same name. You can play as a Knight, Elemental Mage or Dragon Slayer.  But resources are scarce and you need a lot of gold or silver coins throughout the game to have several items. Also, by generating unlimited Stamina, your character will never die. You can also choose to generate unlimited honor if you want. The Fairy Tail Online Hack can be used as many times as you want, on any OS.

It works on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iE. The Fairy Tail Online Hack has a simple interface to make it very easy to use for everyone. Select the amount of resources you want (from 999 to 99999999), and tick Enable VIP if you want to have VIP lvl 12 permanently. Next, select the browser you use. Finally, press on activate. Now the game should look something like this. It auto includes anti-ban protection, so that this hack is simply undetectable. Works on all the game’s servers, we have tested it on S1 (Earth Land), S2 (Dragneel), S3 (Hargeon), S4 (Edolas), S5 (Fullbuster), S6 (Happy).

Fairy Tail Online Hack generates

  • Unlimited Gold coins
  • Unlimited Silver coins
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Honor
  • Enable VIP

Fairy Tail Online Hack download mirrors



MovieStarPlanet Hack

MovieStarPlanet HackThe MovieStarPlanet Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and browser, generates unlimited diamonds, star coins and enables VIP. Erik, one of the gmehacks members, is fascinated about the movie’s world, and he plays this game a lot. So we, the other two members of g4mehacks,decided to make him a surprise and hack it. The game is made by MovieStarPlanet ApS, a company that works different with micro-transactions. They sell VIP instead, but we don’t agree with the fact that there are items which requre VIP. You cannot earn it, at least not easily, so it’s not fair to lock the content behind the VIP tag. So now you can hack the game so you will have one year of free VIP!

For those who shop a lot, starcoins will never be enough. You can get them through various ways, from playing into a movie to making one, playing games or even loving pets. With diamonds you can  purchase special items, outfits or even scenes. The hack itself is easy to use. In fact, the archive contains two hacks: one for browwsers, which works on all recent browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera and others. The other hack works on iOS and Android. With it’s clean interface and beeing easy to use, the MovieStarPlanet Hack is suitable for everybody. Just tick the resources you need, select the amount, next select the browser (or your device if you want to run it on iOS or Android). The last step is to press on hack. Now the game should look something like this:

MovieStarPlanet Hack proof

MovieStarPlanet Hack for browser


MovieStarPlanet Hack for Android & iOSBotao-de-Download


Kingdoms at War Hack

Kingdoms at War Hack is the only tool that will give you Gold, Allies, Nobility points and unlimited soldiers for browser, Android and iOS. The game, is made by A Thinking Ape, Inc., and that’s just the name of the company, it’s clearly not made by apes. A turn-based MMORPG like Kingdoms at War really attracted our attention. In this game you will for a clan, plunder gold, hire allies, defeat monsters and play in PVP battles such as Estoc Trial. We know it’s hard to create a  mobile MMORPG, but that doesn’t mean they should ask for tens of dollars for their items. There are many players who are noobs but they buy a lot of resources, and that’s why we made this hack, to get even!

Gold is an important resource which can be earned by performing quests, trading allies and battling other quests. You will never have enough gold. And finally, about nobility points. The nobility points are the used is many game actions, such as buying propacks, regenerate troops or even exchange them for gold.

Kingdoms at War Hack features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Allies
  • Unlimited Nobility Points
  • Unlimited Soldiers

Below you wiil have a screenshot which will prove that our hack gives the resources mentioned above.

Now that you have seen the proof, download the hack from the mirrors below
Download Kingdoms at War Hack for browser
Download Kingdoms at War Hack for iOS
Download Kingdoms at War Hack for Android

Ultimate Naruto Hack Tool

Hello, today we will show you the Ultimate Naruto Hack Tool, made for PC, Mac and Linux users. This hack will give you unlimited gold, silver, coupons, full vitality, and invincibility, all for free. This hack will will completely change your game experience, and it’s easy to use. It will help you get all the gold and resources you need. Made by Joyfun, in Ultimate Naruto you can play with your favorite Naruto characters. It’s an engaging MMORPG experience and you will even have the chance to raise a powerful Tailed Beast. Now that’s awesome! You can choose from three types of ninjas, with 6 different characters. Summon powerful beasts to defeat your enemies in battles. To make this easier for you, we have made the Ultimate Naruto Hack Tool!

You don’t have to worry being banned, because it won’t ever happen. We use a special technology in order to protect all the players who use this hack from getting banned. If you are interested, and you are now on this page, you should really download the hack. You can do this by clicking here or on the download buttons below. Easy to use, it auto-detects your browser no matter what the browser is: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and so on. Just select the amount of resources you want and press on activate.

The Ultimate Naruto Hack Tool will give you

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited silver
  • Unlimited coupons
  • Full vitality
  • Invincibility
This hack is made for all the Ultimate Naruto fans.
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Cookie Clickers Hack

Hi, here’s the Cookie Clickers Hack, which will give you unlimited cookies and level you wish to upgrade. It is made for Android, iOS and browser version of the game. It’s a simple game, in which you will have to bake as many cookies as possible by tapping or clicking on a huge cookie ASAP! If you have enough cookies, than you will use them to buy other cookies. Go on the road of golden cookie with our hack.


  • 9,999,999,999,999,999 Cookies
  • 277940500.0 Cookies/second
  • Every item in the shop is level 1000


  • Copy the 3 files into var/mobile/Library/Applications/Cookie Clickers/Documents or replace the Documents folder of Cookie Clickers with my files in iFunBox
  • For the Android hack, just install the tool from the archive.
  • For the hack for the browser based game you can find all the info in the instructions txt.
For iOS
For Android
For the browser based game
Have fun 😉

Uberstrike Hack v2

Hi, and welcome to the Uberstrike Hack v2, the only hack that will give you free points and credits. Why do you need these resources. Well, to buy weapons, of course :)! It is easier to buy

  • Wrecker Limited Edition,
  • The Harvester of Noobs,
  • MSR Camo,
  • Jericho Limited Edition,
  • Bio Lance, Annihilator,

and epic gears like: The Totalist, The Stinker, The Eroder, Suit of Agent Xenon, etc. by using our Uberstrike Hack.

This hack is also available on iPad, not just on facebook. And you will find both hacks in the same archive, to enjoy the both hacks for both platforms. This free FPS game is made by CMUNE, and it’s a popular game, with over 1 million players active every day. It has many maps, 15, from which I prefer: Aqualab Research Hub, CuberSpace, CuberStrike, Fort Winter, Gideons Tower, Lost Paradise 2, Monkey Island, etc. It is a game with nice 3D graphics, with heroes like soldiers, cyborgs, post-nuclear scientists and zombies. I use to take part in tournaments and in the weekly contests.

The hack will  give you:

  • Points
  • Credits
  • Aimbot
  • Speed hack
  • Level hack
  • Undetectable

How to use it?

  • Download the hack
  • Open it and the game in your browser
  • Tick the resources
  • Click on start
  • So, instead paying for credits, download this hack and enjoy your unlimited points and credits. You’re much cooler with the Uberstrike Hack!
Mirror 1
 Mirror 2

Happy Pets Hack v2.0

Hello, g4mehacks is proud to present one of our latest hacks, the Happy Pets Hack. It will give you unlimited coins and facebook credits, no matter what browser you use. You need to buy a diamond stone for 60000 coins but you don’t have enough coins? Then use our Happy Pets Hack and you will have unlimited coins whenever you want.  It will auto-detect your browser and it is very easy to use. Just type the amount of coins and click on get coins. It’s simple as that!

Q: What does the hack gives?
A: Unlimited coins and facebook credits.
Q: It will work on my PC or Mac?
A: Yes, it works on any OS, including Windows XP and 7, Linux or MacOS.
Q: It will also work on my browser?
A: The current supported browsers are: Chrome, Mozilla, iE, Opera, Safari, and many more
Q: Why do you give it for free?
A: We want more and more people to enjoy the game with unlimited coins. That’s all!


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Ninja Saga Hack v2.1 by ZaneX

Hello, ZaneX is presenting one of it’s latest hack on our site, the Ninja Saga Hack v2.1 by ZaneX. He worked on this Ninja Saga Cheat for over two months to assure that it will work without any problems. It will give you the following resources in unlimited amount:

  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Thunder
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Gold
  • Tokens
  • HP
  • CP
  • Only in v2.1 – Upgrade to Ninja Emblem
  • Works on Firefox, Ie, Chrome and other browsers
  • Auto-updater
The rest of the g4mehacks team came with another surprise! The Ninja Saga Hack for iPhone and Android, all tested on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and tablets. They will give you:
Mission Rewards:
  • 1,500,000 Exp
  • 80,000 Token
  • 150,000 Gold
  • 99,999 Ninja Spirits and Minerals each. Just buy in the blacksmith shop.
Clan Hack & Character Hack
  • Unlimited Energy Points
  • Instant Energy Points Refill
  • Damage, Defend, Agility, Critical, Critical Damage, Dodge.
  • 5000 AP(Attribute Points)
  • 2nd & 3rd Character Unlocked
How to use this hacks?
  • Download the archive
  • Unrar it
  • Follow the instructions for iOS and Android placed in the archive. For PC/Mac just open the file, select your resources and press on start
ZaneX is a young hacker with lot of experience in hacking RPG’s and MMORPG’s. We have invited him here to post some of his best hacks. 
 For iOS
For Android
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