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Bingo Blitz Hack

Bingo-Blitz-HackThe Bingo Blitz Hack, made by g4mehacks. is the only tool which unlocks all the features of this game for facebook, Android and iOS. It’s one of the best designed Bingo Blitz Hack, on which our team worked very hard to help all of our users and we also decided to make this tool for everyone with a promotional purpose so that many of the people can know about our site. Without wasting your time let us tell you the full features of Bingo Blitz Hack that has been created by us. You will be able to add as many Bingo Blitz power ups as you want to your account and other item points and the main part of our tool is that, all the items will be available to your account permanently ! Yes. This is True ! Once you add any of the items with the help of only our Bingo Blitz Hack and after that if you log in your ID even after months, you will be surprised by still having all the Bingo Blitz points as same as you leaved them. This is only possible with the help of Bingo Blitz Hack. You can add Bingo Blitz coins, bingo blitz keys, bingo blitz xp points hack and even to add Bingo credits to your bingo blitz account for lifetime use. All the features provided to Bingo Blitz Hack are unique and suitable for all the players.

The Bingo Blitz Hack features

  • unlimited coins
  • unlimited keys,
  • xp points
  • unlimited credits
  • bonus resources




for iOS + facebook tool


for Android


myVEGAS Slots Hack

myVEGAS Slots Hack

myVEGAS Slots Hack is a hacking tool developed by g4mehacks. It will add unlimited chips on facebook, iOS and Android edition for your account. Why have we made this hack? Because the game almost forces you, after a couple of days, to buy chips, by making the game harder in order to spend as many credits as possible. Why buying chips, which are virtual currency that won’t bring you real money in return? Generate them instead with the myVEGAS Slots Hack. The facebook version, which can be seen in the image above, it’s very simple to use. Just select the amount of chips and Loyalty Points you want and them press on Activate. In just a couple of seconds, you will have a lot of chips to spend. The myVEGAS Slots Hack will auto-detect your browser, and we have tested it on Chrome, iE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, and it will work on any browser you use. There is also a tool for Android and iOS which looks a bit different, but it is also simple to use, like the facebook myVEGAS Slots Hack.

We really like this game made by Playstudios because it induces us in the Vegas casinos atmosphere. But the chips limitation is enough to make not playing anymore this wonderful game. Don’t give up, instead use our myVEGAS Slots Hack.

myVEGAS Slots Hack features

  • Chips
  • Loyalty points
myVEGAS Slots Hack
Download for facebook
Download for Android
Download for iOS

Pepper Panic Saga Hack

Pepper Panic Saga Hack, made by the team of veteran hackers from g4mehacks, will give you unlimited lives, golden bars, flamer grower, flameburst pepper and pepper nets for Pepper Panic Saga on facebook. Another King game that we are pleased to hack. King is probably one of the worst companies when it comes to micro-transactions, attracting people with games which have nice graphics and easy levels at the begging of all the games, but it’s simply a trap set by then in order to spend money for in-game resources. Use the Pepper Panic Saga Hack instead, which works on all the browsers by auto-detecting them

Lives or not unlimited. You will only receive 5, and after you finish them you will gave to wait. Until now! Only by using the Pepper Panic Saga Hack you can have unlimited lives, so you can play your favorite game anytime, without having to wait for other lives, like is would have been in the first place. But it will not only give you unlimited lives, but also unlimited gold bars. That’s right, gold bars for free! They are used to buy boosters and extra moves, but this hack will also give you those separately. The flame grower booster will grow peppers in three stages and so on. The thing is that this hack will help you save your money and play the favorite game in the way you, not them, want to play!

Pepper Panic Saga Hack features unlimited:

  • lives
  • golden bars
  • flamer grower
  • flameburst pepper
  • pepper nets
Primary link
Secondary link

Farm Heroes Saga Hack

Farm Heroes Saga Hack, made for facebook, iOS and Android by the g4mehacks team, which will generate unlimited lives, unlimited moves, magic beans, gold bar and will also unlock all the levels. Made by King, Farm Heroes is another freemium game that requires you to buy resources like gold bars. The game has great graphics and the fruits and vegetables are pretty cute, but we hate these micro-transactions.

Lives are limited, and if you finish them all you will have to wait or buy them if you want to play more levels. That’s one bad aspect. The other one is that you are forced to used gold in order to unlock gates. You will start with 50 free gold, and next you will have to buy gold if you want more. You will also need magic beans in order to buy things like shovels, which will help you eliminate any piece from the table. Also, you will have unlimited moves just by pressing on a button! While we were playing this game we had only one fruit to eliminate from the board, and the game didn’t gave us the possibility to complete the level because we haven’t received the right items which had to be removed. That has driven as mad and made us to create the Farm Heroes Saga g4mehacks Hack. It will make this game fair and it will also help you in boss fights and the usual levels.

Farm Heroes Saga Hack features

  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlimited moves
  • Unlimited magic beans
  • Unlimited Gold  Bars
  • Unlock all levels
Instructions for Farm Heroes Saga Hack
  • Download the hack
  • Unzip it
  • Go to UserApplicationsFarm HeroesDocuments (sdcard/Android/obb for Android)
  • Copy the downloaded file into the folder
  • Replace the old file
  • Enjoy the hack


Farm Heroes Saga Hack proof

for Facebook

for iOS & Android

Jackpot Party Casino Slots Hack

Jackpot Party Casino Hack
Jackpot Party Casino Hack for facebook

The Jackpot Party Casino Slots Hack, made by g4mehacks, will give you unlimited coins and XP, for facebook, Android and iOS platforms. It’s been a long time since we hacked a slots game, and we decided that Jackpot Party Casino Slots is the perfect game to be hacked. It has a lot of slots games with themes such as Zeus II, Invaders From The Planet Moolah and Rome and Egypt. Other slots games from Jackpot Party Casino Slots are (we tested our hack in each of them)

  • Brazilian Beauty
  • Jungle Wild
  • Buffalo Spirit
  • Hearts of Venice
  • Kronos
  • Sabertooth
  • I Love Lucy
  • Enchanted Kingdom
  • Reels O’ Dublin
  • Black Knight
  • Bruce Lee
  • Reel Rich Devil
  • Fortunes of the Caribbean
  • Super Jackpot Party

The Jackpot Party Casino Slots is popular, but there is a time when you will spend all your coins. And if you want to replenish your account rapidly without having to pay, we recommend using the only hack certified by g4mehacks, Jackpot Party Casino Slots Hack. It’s very easy to use: download and open the hack. After that, tick the resources you want to use and type the amount of coins and XP you need. Then press on start hack. The game will look like this

for facebook
for Android & iOS

Gourmet Ranch Hack

Gourmet Ranch Hack Tool

Hi, we’re back with another cheat for a facebook game, Gourmet Ranch Hack.  Gourmet Ranch is a uite old game for facebook, but because it’s still popular, we have decided to give it a try and hack it. Made by Playdemic, Gourmet Ranch is a game in which you have the opportunity to cook tasty dishes in your own café and it promotes ecological crops and animals raised at your farm. In Gourmet Ranch you will serve food and trade things with your friends.

Our team decided to create this hack because we didn’t find a hack for this game on the Internet that would satisfy the Gourmet Ranch players’s needs. We have tested this hack on several browsers as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, you name it. It will auto-detect you browser, so get ready to download the Gourmet Ranch Hack. We used our classical interface for browser hacks. Even kids can enjoy this game if they have this easy to use hack, with it’s neat interface.

But let’s talk about the Gourmet Ranch Hack. It will give you unlimited

  • cash
  • coins
  • keys
  • speedups
  • level hack and
  • auto-harvester
  • all in one hack

You will need coins too cook all the recipes you ever wanted and to buy animals (you will have enough coins to buy even an egg-laying duck- that’s 64.000 coins!) and crops like the Mandarin Tree , cash to skip quests. The harvester feature will auto-harvest all the crops. The hack is easy to use and works with any browser, autodetecting it. First, you’ll have download it. Open the Gourmet Ranch Hack with your browser opened and select the amount of resources you need (999,999,999 is the maximum you can get from this hack). Some will show you a number and for others, like the harvester feature, you will select ”yes”. Finally, press on activate. You will see something like this


Streetrace Rivals Hack v3

Hello, today we will present you the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3, the cheating tool that will give you not only free gold and cash, but also more powerful cars than ever. In this game made for Facebook played by almost 1 million people, you will shift your gear in numerous tournaments and challenge a lot of strong opponents from famous places such as Berlin, Rio, Miami, Tokyo and so on.

All these races are captivating, we spent a full hour just on playing the game. Even if the game it starts too easy not to win, it becomes more and more challenging. At one moment you will needed to spend real money in order to be able to win the following races, or you can use the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3 as an viable alternative to your gaming session.

You will need two important resources: cash for upgrading car parts such as the engine, turbo system, gearbox, body, exhaust, suspensions and tires. Some of them will also require, besides cash, gold. Gold is the premium currency of Street Rivals which us pretty hard to make. Instead of paying from 3 to 30$ or even more on 15.000 to 390.000 cash, you can generate unlimited cash and gold just by using the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3, made by the g4mehacks team. We decided not to buy the resources we needed and started hacking this game. It took us a couple of days of programming in order to make it work, and it includes an auto-updater, so that you will have to download this hack from our site only once.

You can be sure that, after using our hack, besides not paying for resources, any race that seemed to be unbeatable will become a easy and enjoyable race. You can even bet the cash provided by the Streetrace Rivals Hack Tool in High stakes challenges, and, even more, these resources will help you to defeat your opponents, friends or enemies. You can now win any challenge and amaze your friend with your fully upgraded car. This hack is 100% undetectable and works on any browser you use. We personally tested it on the following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Ie, Opera, Safari, and we know that it will work with almost any other browser available.

Let’s see the features of the Streetrace Rivals Hack:

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited gold
  • Mass upgrade
  • Refill NOS
  • Refill Fuel
  • Proxy & Anti-ban features

If you want your game to look like this

download the Streetrace Rivals Hack v3 :)!

Solitaire Blitz Hack v1.1

Hi, today we will show you the Solitaire Blitz Hack v1.1, which will give you free silver and energy, more precisely

  • 555,000,555 Silver
  • 555,000 Energy
  • Boosts hack

I really like solitaire, and I used to play the Windows versions, until I found Solitaire Blitz. It is more entertaining than the one from Windows, so I decided that the g4mehacks team should hack this one. The g4mehacks team is pleased to help you with the best hacks for the newest, most popular games on the Internet! We are also proud to say that we managed to shrink the hack for iOS from a couple of MB to 2 KB, so you can download it even if you have a bad Internet connection.

1 – Install the game (skip this step if you already installed it)
2 – Launch the game once & skip the intro
3 – Exit the game & close it from multitasking
4 – Download the zip file from one of the links below
5 – Extract it, Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox…) & Put the file “userdata” that you extracted from the zip to your device :
/(Solitaire Installed Directory)/Documents/userdata
6 – Launch the game & enjoy 🙂
For Facebook
For iOS
For Android

Disney City Girl Hack

The Disney City Girl Hack, made by g4mehacks, will give you free coins, gold, glam, xp and energy, all in one hack. Easy to use and with a user-friendly interface, this hack will help you in playing the Disney City game.

In this game you will be a small designer which leaves his small city in order to get to a bigger city and fulfill your dreams. You will start from a small studio and work your way to be a successful CEO, or from a normal country girl to a glamorous model. Skyrocket to stardom by engaging in a stylish virtual world, working your way to the top by doing excellent work in your career path, apartment, catwalks, and fashion. Disney City Girl also allows you to customize your character by buying many fashionable clothes and accessories in the game. If you really enjoy fashion, modeling, and New York City surely you will love playing Disney City Girl. It is a free to play game made by Playdom which really attracted our attention.

Instead of completing countless quests and tasks for coins, you will get them for free from our hack. Gold must be bought to use it for completing tasks, unlocking items, buy premium objects or so on. Why spending your money on gold? Use the Disney City Girl Hack instead!

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Slotomania Hack v2

Hello, today we will show you the Slotomania Hack v2, which will generate free coins for both Android and iOS games. You can use them in the slot machines and you won’t have to wait for countless bonus rounds, free spins, gifts, and mini games. I am often left coinless and I don’t  want to buy coins. Instead, the g4mehacks team made this hack so we can all have free coins without having to pay for them. It’s absurd to pay for something virtual, non-existing thing like coins .
Developed by Playtika, this game feature slots like Farm Fortune, Bubble Rumble, Civiltreasures, Slotomafia, Magic Fores, Vikingz, Cat Chef, Save Alien and many others, from which Bubble Rumble is my favorite. Our hack is virus free and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It is easy to use. Login, tick the coins cheat, and then press on activate hack. You can now see that each time you will use this hack, your number of coins will increase with 1,040,000 coins.
So, that you know the hack will give you infinite free coins, you can download it 🙂
For Facebook
For iOS
For Android App