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Danger Dash Hack

The Danger Dash Hack is made specially for those who want to play this awesome game without any restrictions. Made by the g4mehacks team, which is specialized in hacks for both iOS and Android devices. This hack is made for the Android and Java version of Danger Dash (both files in one archive). Just tick iOS to activate it for Java (sorry we screwed up on this one 🙂 We would also try to hack this game if it will ever be launched on iOS. Our hack is clean, as you can see here. It is a fine clone of Temple Run (you can also find the hack for Temple Run 2 here). It is played by thousand of players each day. Even now one of my friends plays it while I am writing this tool for the Danger Dash Hack.

But, as other games, Danger Dash is plagued by micro-transactions. Do you want to pay for rubies? I don’t think so. You just start with 50 rubies, use 20 for other run and then next? Then they ask you to pay $1.99 for 200 rubies. And they also ask money for a coin doubler. Our hack addresses to this needs. It will give you

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited rubies
  • Max multiplier
  • Invincibility
  • Tiger hack
Even if this game is free, that doesn’t mean that they should tax us. You need coins in order to unlock certain abilities and gems in order to save yourself. The hack is a complex one, having features like increasing your multiplier at max just by pressing on button. Another feature is invincibility. You will simply pass through walls. Infinite speed is another feature, that means that you will run all the time at maximum speed. And one of the greatest feature is transforming yourself instantly, anytime in a tiger. All this features are included in the Danger Dash Hack, just tick use PR (special code used in our hack) provided by g4mehacks, for Android and Java.

Green Farm 3 Hack

Hello, today I will show you our latest hack, the Green Farm 3 Hack. A game similar to our beloved Hay Day, Green Farm 3 is made by Gameloft for Android & iOS. There isn’t to much to say about this game, but you will complete different tasks like restoring a manor with the help of neighbors and friends, and developing farming skills such as harvester, growing many different crops and animals, and many more. The mechanics of the game are really awesome! With the resources gathered you can make delicious pies, soups, and pancakes, and you can sell them for coins (but not to much coins) :(, that’s why you should use the  Green Farm 3 Hack)
The Green Farm 3 Hack will give you
  •  Unlimited coins
  •  Unlimited farm cash (The Farm Cash is used to by adult animals, gathering resouces faster and many more. The Green Farm 3 Hack will give you plenty of Farm Cash)
  •  Unlock all
  •  Proxy
  •  Undetectable
  •  Simple to use.
How to use the hack?
  • Unzip the file
  • Open the app for iPhone on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or the one for Android or even for the Java Platform. This is the first hack made for java games by our site, because this game was requested originally on java. Long live java gamers!
  • Tick the resources
  • Edit the values
  • Press on start
This game is free, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t hack it. The hack is clean and will work on any android or iOS device. It has a lot of awful in-app purchase which can be easily replaced by our hack, for free! That’s right, no more paying hundred of dollars on things which should be given for free. Wake up against companies who want to suck our money and use the Green Farm 3 Hack with confidence. We worked a lot on this hack and we released it in public because our site’s philosophy is to help anyone who needs hacks like Green Farm 3 Hack. This hack is awesome and all the gamers deserve it! 😀
Enjoy the hack!
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