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Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack CheatThe Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is a hack that generates unlimited skill points, ammo, unlocks all weapons and invincibility (God mode/Speed Hack).  The game is made by Gameloft, a great publisher which, for the first time, passed the micro-transaction wall and directly sells the game, which is the best method to share a game. But we feel that skill points are pretty hard to earn, you get short on ammo sooner than it should and there are already hackers which are invincible, so you must use the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack to get all this advantages.

The Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack generates unlimited skill points. With them you can activate class-specific skills. Also, you will usually get low on ammo, but if you use the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack, ammo won’t be a problem anymore. About weapons,  you have to unlock them by getting kills with the weapon class. You can use these weapons in both single-player and multi-player, so unlocking all the weapons will help you a lot. And last, but not least, the god mode will make you invincible and you will never die again. The Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack is very easy to use and doesn’t require root or jailbreak. Just download the app, open it, tap on off buttons to become on. The next step is to type the amount of skill points and ammo you want (9999999999 ammo means unlimited ammo and you won’t have to recharge it again). Tapping twice on God Mode will also give you Speed hack. The last step is to tap on save. The hack will show this message after it has finished hacking the game:


Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack generates

  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlock all Weapons
  • Invincibility & Speed Hack

Download the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack from below



Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack

Kim Kardashian Hollywood HackThe Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, is the only hack that generates unlimited cash and stars. We do like Kim Kardashian, but that’s not the reason for which we made this hack. We created the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack for Emad’s girlfriend, Anne, Emad beeing of one of our colleague hacker. The game is made by Glu, which is a great developer. Still, they use the In-app purchase schemes every other developer use. You won’t have to spend anything on this game after using the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, that’s for sure. We will also give you some brief Kim Kardashian: Hollywood tips below.

The premium currency in this game are the stars. And you get too less stars at the beginning of the game: two for completing the Leave so chic quest and another one for leveling up. Stars are used for premium items like 6 stars for a watch, 10 for a bracelet or 15 for some sunglasses. Cash, the second resource generated by the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, is more common and can be earned by completing the tasks required. For them you can buy the usual clothes and accessories for Kim Kardashian. Sometimes you may find yourself with too less in-game cash, so that by using this feature you can have the cash you need. The hack is easy to use and doesn’t require jailbreak. First, download the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack. Open and tap on the off button to become off for which resources you need: cash, stars or both. Next, input the number of cash and star you want to receive. You can use this hack multiple time. After the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack finished rearranging the game’s code, you should see something like this:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack proof

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack generates

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited stars



Order & Chaos Online Hack

Order & Chaos Online Hack

The Order & Chaos Online Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hacking tool that generates unlimited runes, coins, soul signets and god mode (invincibility) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It doesn’t require root or jailbreak. The game is made by Gameloft, and it’s one of the greatest MMORPG on mobile devices. Being an online game, Order & Chaos Online was the hardest game to hack for us, that’s why we released it so late. With five races: Elves, Humans, Order, Orcs, Undead and Chaos, 1000 skills and 2200 armor pieces, Order & Chaos Online is one of the biggest WoW like MMORPG. But it’s not normal for a big company like Gameloft to sell runes and coins.

Runes are the premium currency of the game. With them you can buy premium items from Ubiquitous Nick, unlock an extra character slot, revive on the spot after death and buy epic armor sets from Greenmont., as well as special pets and boosts. But you cannot get runes through gameplay, and those who buy them are superior at gear, but not at skills. So if you don’t want to be frustrated anymore that somebody with better gear but with less skills defeat you, use the  Order & Chaos Online Hack. Coins are easy to earn, from mob kills, selling useless items, quests and many other activities, like getting a profession. There are three type of coins: copper, silver and gold. Your account can be filled with even 99999999 golden coins if you want that. The soul signets are harder to earn, from bosses, buying with gold, daily quests and others.  If you need a lot of soul signets, use this hack. The last feature is god mode, or invincibility. Using that means that you will never die. The Order & Chaos Online Hack is undetectable and it was tested for over two months on iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use. Open, tick the resources, type the amount you wand and press on save. After hacking the game should look something like this:

Order & Chaos Online Hack proof



Rival Knights Hack

Rival Knights Hack

Rival Knights Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is the only hacking tool that will give you unlimited coins, gemstones, social and royal seals. The Rival Knights Hack doesn’t require root or jailbreak in order to work. The game is made by Gameloft, a great developer for which we hacked several games. We like medieval games and their atmosphere, and Rival Knights is one of those. But still, Gameloft is a developer who tries to squeeze every penny from their players, so this time they have decided to sell both coins and gemstones, which is ridiculous, since usually developer sell only one premium resource. But you can forget about buying them , because the Rival Knights Hack generates all the resources you need.

The gemstones are the premium currency of this game, and you can buy with them rare equipment and boosts. Coins, the other resource generated by our hack, can be won, like gemstones, by winning events. Also you can get them after certain bonuses: if you manage a perfect start, hits and develop a high speed. You can also win coins from training sessions or if you have lost or your result in the event is a tie, but still you won’t have enough coins and gemstones to buy every piece of armor you want. Instead, use the Rival Knights Hack. It will surely fulfill your in-game needs. Other resources generated by the Rival Knights Hack are the seals: royal (against AI) and social (against other players). If you’re out of seals, that means that you will have to wait. But this isn’t a problem anymore, because the Rival Knights Hack generates all of them. The hack is easy to use: download the hack, open it, tap on off to become on and then type the amount of resources you need. After you finished doing that, press on save. You will know when the Rival Knights Hack finished hacking by displaying the following image:




Angry Birds Epic Hack

Angry Birds Epic HackAngry Birds Epic Hack is the latest g4mehacks hack that generates unlimited lucky coins, snoutling coins and friendship essence for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It works on any iOS and Android devices, as we have tested it on our iPhone 5, 5S and also on multiple iPad and Android models, as well as on Nokia Lumia devices. Made by Rovio, we can really tell that this is one of their best games, even better than Angry Birds Go!. From arcade puzzle to karts, and now to free RPG, Rovio manages to refresh their main title. But Rovio still try to push people buy their in-game resources through micro-transactions. This is one of the things for which we have made the Angry Birds Epic Hack.

The lucky coins are the premium currency of this game. You can get them by leveling up. And lucky coins are required for many things. For example, to unlock a friendship gate and to ‘buy friends’ for unlocking it, you will have to pay 25 lucky coins. Otherwise you will have to wait for 5 friends to reply. This is an interesting scheme to attract more and more players to their games. You will also use them to roll or to revive your bird in battle. Snoutling coins are the regular currency and you can get them by defeating opponents in battle. A new type of currency introduced by Rovio, the social currency named the friendship essence, is used for reroll your Wheel of Fortune and can be received from friends.

The Angry Birds Epic Hack itself is very easy to use, and works on both jailbroken and unjailbroken devices. Just extract the archive to Applications/Epic/Library/Preferences/ (Android/obb for Android), open it, type the amount of resouces you want and next press on save. If it’s easier for you, you can also use the Angry Birds Epic Hack desktop application (the one in the image). The game should look something like this:

Angry Birds Epic Hack features

  • Unlimited lucky coins
  • Unlimited snoutling coins
  • Unlimited friendship essence


Angry Birds Epic Hack Proof

Download it from below



Royal Revolt 2 Hack

Royal Revolt 2 HackRoyal Revolt 2 Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS (New- also for Windows Mobile), is a hacking tool that will give you unlimited gems, gold, food and pearls, and also double your XP. Even if this action game well rated by all the customers for it’s nice 3D graphics and multiplayer strategy mode, there are still things which should be fixed. And we consider that flaregames, the game’s developer, is asking too much from their players.  Gems should be free, and with the Royal Revolt 2 Hack, you will have not only gems, but also gold and food, instantly generated into your game.

Like in almost every recent strategy games, gems are also the premium currency of Royal Revolt 2. With gems you can do a lot of things, like buying an extra builder, speeding up certain actions or even buy gold or food (things which you won’t have to do since our Royal Revolt 2 Hack generates all three of them). And they are hard to earn. You have to complete achievements, finishing tournaments or defend against other players. You will also get 250 gems after the tutorial, but that’s it! And you cannot keep on with other players if you don’t have gems. Buying them is not a smart move, since the developers should not ask money for resources but from other means like ads. So, you won’t have to worry anymore, because you are in the right place. Also, food is used for feeding your army and attacking others. Gold is used for upgrading building, towers, upgrades, so you will need a lot of gold, which is also generated by our Royal Revolt 2 Hack. We also managed to hack the game so now you will also receive unlimited pearls. And we also added this feature because we think that it’s unfair for us to receive only one pearl for every ten gems spent.

Royal Revolt 2 Hack features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Pearls
  • Double XP

The Royal Revolt 2 Hack is easy to use: open, select the device on which the game is installed tick the resources needed and next press on Start. It doesn’t require jailbreak. After the Royal Revolt 2 Hack has done it’s job, your game should look something like this:

Royal Revolt 2 Hack proof

Download mirrors





Star Wars Tiny Death Star Hack

Star-Wars-Tiny-Death-Star-HackStar Wars Tiny Death Star Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a tool that will give you unlimited imperial bux and credits for Android and iOS devices. New: also for Windows Phone. Made by Lucas Arts, this game uses the Star Wars license with pride. With it’s 8 bits graphics, this game really reminded us about the old times when we used to play Star Wars Arcade.

The Imperial Bux is used for a multitude of things in this game, and the developers knows it. You can upgrade your elevator with it (20 coins to bring someone at level 10), and can also be converted into credits (one bux for 250 credits). The more Bux you spend, the more credits you earn. And by using this resources, you can expand the Death Star, on which you will attract many bitizens in your virtual business. The hack will also unlock all the characters.

The game very similar to NimbleBit’s Tiny Towers But there are still things that can disrupt a marvelous game like this. Like in almost any new games for mobile devices, this one also features micro-transactions. In order to give the power to the players and not to the developers, we have made the Star Wars Tiny Death Star Hack. With unlimited bux and credits, what else cold you want more?

Star Wars Tiny Death Star Hack features

  • Imperial bux
  • Credits

For Android & iOS


Windows Phone


Asphalt 8: Airborne Hack v3.0

Hello gamers! Today I will show you our latest hack, the Asphalt 8: Airborne Hack v3.0. You will be able to unlock all the cars, season passes and maybe the most important thing, free cars. It works on both iOS and Android (new – also for Windows Phone!) and you won’t have to pay for in-game credits ever again. You can see that, the game is free, but if you want to finish the game, it is very hard to do it without buying credits through micro-transactions at least once. And a Pro Credit Pack costs $19.99, and to unlock the three seasons, you will have to pay more. We don’t agree with their policy, so that’s why we have made this hack, to address to these problems.

Asphalt 8: Airborne, developed by Gameloft, has 17 licensed cars and that means quite a lot in terms of licensed cars. It also have licensed tracks and you can even perform stunts in the air. Another feature of this hack is that your nitro bar will never consume ever again! That means infinite nitro! Isn’t that awesome? This hack also works in the Elimination mode where the last player is eliminated and mayhem in which a player takes out more cars. Credits are essential in buying cars and even more things!

Important info

  • This hack is free of charge
  • This hack gives you unlimited credits, stars and XP
  • You will save a lot of time and money
  • It works in multiplayer (World Series)
  • It’s undetectable

How to use the hack?

  • Download the archive (which contains the hacks for iOS an Android). You do not have to plug in your device, unless you want to use the PC tool especially made for this hack.
  • Tick the resources you need:
  • Tap on activate
  • That’s it. Stop paying for the game and for the resources! Enjoy your hacked game ;)!
Download links
Android & iOS
Windows Phone (8.1 and below)

Frozen Free Fall Hack

Frozen Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is the tool that will give you unlimited lives, ice picks, snow balls, moves and hourglass. Made by Disney in order to promote the Frozen movie, this game is plagued by micro-transactions. It is not surprising that we see another game affected by them, but come on! Disney, you could have done better. Just don’t ask players for money, put some ads or something else. It was very easy to hack and it was tested on various devices to make sure that it works without any problems. It doesn’t even require jailbreak.

Let’s talk about each resources that the Frozen Free Fall Hack generates. Lives, like in many other 3 gem swapping games are limited, and after you lose all of them you will have to wait for a couple of minutes or to spend real money for a full set of lives. Why buying lives when you can generate unlimited lives with Frozen Free Fall Hack. It’s a stupid thing not to let gamers play how and when they want, so now you can play as much as you wish. Unlimited moves will also help you anytime. You can’t finish a level with the number of moves provided? Use our hack and unlimited moves will be generated instantly. If you prefer snowballs instead of having unlimited moves, you can select this option. With the hourglass you can freeze the game and with the ice picks (which are infinite after using our hack) you can remove any gem from the board. That means you will never have to lose again, and we all like to win. You won’t ever have to pay for any resources again, only if you download the Frozen Free Fall Hack from g4mehacks.

Frozen Free Fall Hack features unlimited

  • Lives
  • Ice picks
  • Snowballs
  • Moves
  • Hourglass
iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8

Flappy Bird Hack

Flappy Bird Hack is the only tool for Android, iOS and Windows Phone that give you invincibility, infinite (adjustable score) and all the pipes removed. It’s one of our most complex project, and even if the games seems to be easy to hack, well it isn’t. You will maybe ask us in the commentaries section: Why did we choose to hack this game? Well, because it is an annoying one. Even if you don’t have to buy nothing, that doesn’t mean that we only hack freemium games. We also hack those games who are simply to hard to play for some people, and also for those who want to experiment games at their fully potential.

Today we will talk by the Flappy Bird Hack, made by g4mehacks. The game is made by Dong Nguyen and heavily inspired from the flash game Helicopter. The pipes are clearly inspired from the Mario games, sharing the same color, the green one. In this game you will tap on your screen in order to help a yellow bird pass all the pipes that put it in danger. If you hit one of this pipes, you’re dead. And you can die pretty fast in Flappy Birds. All that we can tell is that if you use the the Flappy Birds Hack, you will not die if you remove the pipes. That’s right, tick remove pipes you won’t see any pipes no more. Do you want to be invincible instead and to pass through all the pipes? Then simply tick Invincibility. Also, you can adjust your score. Do you want to show your fiends that you managed to resist with the little flappy bird for several hours? Than this feature will surely come in hand.

  • Invincibility
  • Infinite (adjustable score)
  • All the pipes removed
  • All the ads removed

This hack works on any Android devices and also on any iOS devices (no jailbreak required!). Download right now using the mirrors below

for iOS
for Android & WP