City Island: Airport 2 Hack

City Island Airport 2 Hack

The City Island: Airport 2 Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a cheat tool that generates unlimited cash, diamonds, medals and double XP for Android. You will also get some City Island: Airport 2 tips in this post. This game is made by Sparkling Society, and it is the second game from the series in which you manage an airport, in SimCity style. But in order to make people happy, you have to use cash, diamonds from our hack. Diamonds are clearly the premium currency, and Sparkling Society taxes on that. Don’t buy diamonds, generate them instead with the City Island: Airport 2 Hack!

Diamonds are the premium currency of City Island: Airport 2. You need diamonds to speed things up. For example, you need 5 diamonds to speed up construction time for a Trailer Park. Instead waiting for 25 minutes to build it, you can instantly build it by using diamonds. But Sparkling Society is very selfish and they keep all the diamonds for themselves. Use the City Island: Airport 2 Hack and you can generate all the diamonds you want. With cash you can buy many things, well known decorations like Palms, or Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower (you will need medals for the last two). So cash is also important. If you feel that your progress is to slow, than use the double XP feature. You will be amazed of how fast you will progress in this game. The City Island: Airport 2 Hack is easy to use and doesn’t require root. Just open the app on your phone, tap on the off buttons to become green on buttons, type the amount of cash, diamonds and medals you need. The last step is to press on save. Your game will look something like this:

City Island Airport 2 Hack proof


City Island: Airport 2 Hack generates

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited medals
  • Double XP

Download the City Island: Airport 2 Hack from below




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