Clash of Clans Hack v 1.6

Clash of Clans Hack V1.6 – Cheat Download
Hello, today I will present you my latest hack: Clash of Clans Hack v 1.6.  Clash of Clans is a very popular iPhone and Android game created by Supercell. It is a strategy game, in which you build a village, unlock different warriors, raid resources from other villages, create a clan and much, much more. Because there isn’t any hack which works for this game, I’ve tried and managed to do this one, Clash of Clans Hack V1.6.

About the hack

I am also playing this game since it launched, and I tell you that it worth playing, but it doesn’t deserve our real money. That’s why I’ve tried and tried to find exploits in order to hack the game until I’ve made this hack. There is no fun having to earn all that gems and elixirs, right? Then download this hack. The Clash of Clans hack V1.6 will give you unlimited gems and unlimited elixirs. Now you can buy everything you want and you will be invincible. If you ever dreamed beating all your enemies, this is your chance. Win all the battles only by using this undetectable hack! The hack is very easy to use: download, open, enter you in-game username, tick gems or elixirs  whatever you wish, and press Let it rain! Wait for the green bar to fully load. Now check your game. It will look something like this:

Yeah, that’s right. I have the maximum amount of gems: 99.999. Just imagine what you can do with so much gems. Download this hack, and trust me, you won’t ever regret it! Scanned and trusted by virustotal. 😉

for iOS
for Android

82 Responses to Clash of Clans Hack v 1.6

  1. Clever hack! And it still works for online battles!

  2. lindegaard says:

    Best hack ever. Thanks from Denmark! 😀

  3. joe says:

    For me it’s great. Also add me Clue_Juice

  4. Ken says:

    I really like it

  5. Monty says:


  6. Nuna says:

    I am an iPad user and I’m glad that I used the hack. When it finishes everything the hack really fills your account with all the gems and elixirs you need!

  7. junior says:


  8. bob says:

    thank you very much

  9. Josh says:

    works like a charm

  10. Danny says:

    This hack really gave me free gems. Thanks!

  11. Julie says:

    Do you need to be jailbroken??

  12. Morgan says:

    Wow, what a tool! It loaded my account with all the gold, gems and elixirs I needed. 🙂

  13. olen says:

    congratulations for making such a great hack

  14. adam says:

    I tried it, and after giving me 9999999 gems I know that I did the right choice! 🙂

  15. Mohammed says:

    This is a great achievement. I think it was hard to hack this game, and I’m really pleased that my account is now filled with billions of gems 🙂

  16. tamim says:

    It gave me infinite gems and that’s all I ever wanted.

  17. KnightofDark says:

    I’d like to thank you for this woderful hack

  18. James says:

    This is a really helpful hack. Now I don’t have to spend real money on gems anymore

  19. Conrad says:

    It’s very good, I tried it and I’m pleased.

  20. carlos says:

    can’t beleive it 🙂 99999 gems generated by my hack my friend 🙂

  21. markCFDS says:

    add me markCFDS

  22. Vanessa says:

    works very well

  23. alex says:

    Phone need root?

  24. javeed jj says:

    It was great really working

  25. Steven says:

    It’s really working for me, I never thought that I would ever find a working hack for Clash of Clans

  26. Anthony Ramos says:

    Wow, it really added gems,gold,and elixir to my account

  27. Sandeep Singh says:

    working 😀

  28. Oscar says:

    thank you

  29. Bob says:

    I really wanted a hack for this game because gems simply cost too much for me. It’s good to know that now I have a good alternative of getting gems thanks to your hack.

  30. manju says:

    I can’t wait playing this game every day thanks to the 999999 gems generated by this hack

  31. Maxwell says:

    Your hack = awesome. Me = grateful.

  32. Jerry says:

    This is working and it’s more than a decent hack, especially for me because it gave me gems, coins and elixirs 🙂

  33. mohd fareez says:

    gave me 99999 gems. i’m really greatful

  34. tyler says:

    Works for me, thank you!

  35. al says:

    It’s really a great hack, thank you

  36. Joe says:

    It’s Ok I tried it myself on my iPhone and works 😀

  37. reaper says:

    This is a helpful hack indeed I also shared it to my friends 🙂

  38. gelmar says:

    thank you for the download

  39. tyler says:

    now I can get gems whenever I want thanks to this hack. 😀

  40. fghmj says:

    Good I like it 🙂

  41. Ck says:

    Works for my iPad Air. 🙂

  42. Marty says:

    This is superb. It works indeed. Many thanks!

  43. eswald says:

    thank you

  44. Satyajit Dewriary says:

    buddies this hack gave me 999999 gems 😀

  45. MBC says:

    thank you

  46. Usman says:

    Usman thanks you

  47. borekoy abaja says:

    I hav the iphone 5 and this hack works

  48. Amierul says:

    this clash of clan hack works with my tab 7.0.. thx

  49. Umair says:

    This is working on my iphone 4 😀

  50. jack says:

    works like a charm

  51. zuld says:

    Thank you so much for creating this coc hack

  52. Garry says:

    Hi I was interested in the clash of clan hack . Downloaded, tested and works really well

  53. Amir says:

    My name is amirbloom and I want to thank you

  54. TheBestRadu says:

    Generated so far

    Thank you!!

  55. abhinav says:

    thank you

  56. Ali says:

    Cool app thanks a lot

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