Clash of Clans Hack v2.0

Clash of Clans Hack v2.0

Clash of Clans is nowadays one the most popular game. With over 1 million players, this game manages to gather people from all around the World. I have met even Chinese people playing this game, so now wonder that Supercell managed to gather so many people. But they don’t want to give us free gems. And do you know why? Because they want all our money! That’s right, they are earning over 750,000$ per day just by selling gems. The game has mediocre sound and graphics, good for the ’90s but not for our days. It pretends to be a strategy game, but it doesn’t matter if you are good at this type of games, but if you have money to buy gems. Those are the most powerful players, among the older one and those who paid money for gems. At first, the game will give you only two builders. To have more builders, you need to pay $4.99 for another builder. The next costs $10 and so on. It is clearly that having this advantage you can be twice as better as others. No matter how dumb you are, by paying for gems you will feel smart, because you will thing that your strategic skills have brought you at this stage. That’s for the players who pay a lot of money. Otherwise, it is impossible to be in the top. And us, who show the real skill and potential, are beaten by dumb people who buy gems. Let’s show them that this is not true. We can also have free gems by using the Clash of Clans hack.

The Clash of Clans hack is a powerful tool which will provide you with free gems, elixirs and others. You will have to download it first. The next step is to open it and to type your username. Next, tick the resources you need: gems (which are the most important) or elixirs. Next you will have to press on Let it rain! Check your game, you will have unlimited gems and elixirs that won’t ever finish, how much you have used them. Now, I think you wonder why I launched this to public? Because I met many stupid players that have managed to beat me because they’re parents are rich and they afford wasting money on gems. Me, I don’t afford to lose any money on gems but I am an experienced hacker, and I have tried to do this hack since two moths ago. I have managed to do it, and I think it will help many players to show their real skills and to fight fair. Remember, just don’t share it with others, so that Supercell won’t find this and solve the exploit I have found.

The Clash of Clans Hack v2 generates

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited elixirs and dark elixirs
  • Shield

34 Responses to Clash of Clans Hack v2.0

  1. Charles Domery says:

    This is the best game, and the last thing that it was missing was something to give me free gems. Seems that now I also have this thing. Thanks!

    • Jim says:

      This site Is a cool site, got three working hacks including this one and I’m proud to download great hacks from here

  2. florence hee says:


  3. hann says:

    I wanted gem
    Now I have gems thanks to this hack

  4. Raheem says:

    I can really tell you that this game is more exciting since I have downloaded this hack. Thanks!

  5. person says:

    It’s good for me 🙂

  6. Prateek says:

    I received 9999999 gems from this hack. Thanks!

  7. anuar salim says:

    this app works great

  8. airfoce says:

    I never had so many gems in my account until I tried this hack

  9. Andrea Lewis says:

    Thank you for this hack, I really needed free gems!

  10. Mike says:

    This hack is a masterpiece, even if Clash of Clans data is saved onto servers, your program manages to pass all the restrictions and hack the game in real time. Now I\m happy because I have a lot of gems to spend.

  11. miki says:

    hey dude thanks I was on the point of not playing this game anymore

  12. dubla says:

    works very well

  13. Elephant414 says:

    This really works!

  14. tonsta says:


  15. Tom says:

    Thank you, it was very hard to find a working hack for Clash of Clans.

  16. Lester says:

    Thanks for this Hack

  17. jaden says:


  18. josh says:

    really helpful app, thanks

  19. fvb says:

    this works o.o cool

  20. Rifan says:

    Hi i needed gems and elixir for my coc and thanks to this hack I have 99999999999 gems and 99999999999 elixirs

  21. Mikey Hazzard says:

    Every other hack I tried didn’t work for me, unless I tried the Clash of Clans Hack from g4mehacks. This one does not only give you gems and elixirs, but also seems to be undetectable, because I am already using it on my tablet and phone for over two weeks. Keep up the good work g4mehacks!

  22. amir says:

    Amazing! Tons of gems already generated by this hack

  23. cole says:

    gave me 200000 two hundred thousand gems

  24. Faisal Khalid says:

    great tool for my favorite game 😀

  25. vivek says:


  26. Electro Miz says:

    Thank you this hack works for me

  27. john says:

    my name is Mr.colorful and I generated 9 million gems thankyou very much! 🙂

  28. Chad says:

    thank you

  29. Wez says:

    bookmarked!!, I like your hack!

  30. Francis says:

    This works for me

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