Cradle of Empires Hack

Cradle of Empires HackThe Cradle of Empires Hack, made by g4mehacks, generates unlimited crystals, coins, food, supplies and double XP for iOS. The game is made by Awem Studios, who seems to master the match-3 puzzle genre. But, as all the other developers, they don’t try to get their money without pushing players to buy resources, like crystals in this case. If you use the Cradle of Empires Hack , you won’t have to buy any other resources for this game anymore.

Crystals are the premium currency of this game. They can be used to buy premium items such as the Book of Wisdom (increases XP by 30%), Eye of Providence, Coins are the main currency of this game and you will be mainly using it for potions, but also for scrolls and buildings.  Some levels require you to have certain items to pass the level, but with the Cradle of Empires Hack you can simply buy them. If you want to level up faster, than you can use the double XP feature. The Cradle of Empires Hack is very easy to use and it works on any type of iOS devices, thanks to our experience in multi-platforming hacking. Cradle of Empires Hack was pretty hard to hack, but we are glad that we made it. To use the Cradle of Empires Hack, first download it. Don’tforget to move it to User Applications/Empires/Library in order to work. Next, open the hack, tap the off buttons to become on, and then type the amount of resources you want. Finally, press on save. In just a couple of seconds, your game should look something like this:

Cradle of Empires Hack Proof

Cradle of Empires Hack features

  • Unlimited crystals
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited supplies (tapping on unlimited food will also give you unlimited supplies)
  • Double XP

Download the Cradle of Empires Hack from here



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