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Hi there! I am representing the ELiTE hackers team and I am proud to announce that we’ve updated our hack, called now the Dragon Story Hack! As the admin of this site, which is also one of my best friends, required me to write about the game before presenting the Dragon Story Hack features, I will do it in the next lines. In Dragon Story you will breed animals, dragons and monsters. You are fist placed on an island. There, with the help of many colors, you will start breeding dragons. Like in DragonVale, you will find again tools like Evolution Temple, Breeding Den and many others. At the beginning  you will purchase some dragons in order to earn coins which can be used for buying other dragons. I remember that at level 4, the Breeding Den will be unlocked, so that means that you will be able to combine dragons. Now, you will need coins for buying the basic dragons, Red, Yellow, Green, White or Blue or gold for hybrids. Also habitats require you a lot of coins, as well as the decor. I remember how much time I’ve spend producing gold for a Dark Angel Dragon, so trust me, with this hack it will be easier. Food will also help you keep the Dragons healthy, as I like to say :). Actually, to raise their levels. Farming is quite expensive, but you know that you need the food. The graphics are awesome, and that convinced me to play this game and to use the hack. It’s such a pity to waste your time on quest instead of getting the resources and start building a huge dragon collection.The archive contains two hacks, one for Android and one for iPhone. We’ve spent a month of work at the previous hack, this one needed some minor tweaks to make sure that the Dragon Story Hack will work on all devices Dragon Story works on. I personally tested it on my iPhone 4 and on my brother’s Samsung Galaxy II. Now gold, food and gems aren’t a problem anymore. This hack is made for all who play Dragon Story and don’t want to waste their time gathering resources. My brother always told me: “I wish I could have more evolution temples and breeding dens.” That why I have made this hack. To help people like him. It is very easy to use, as the instruction are given while using the hack. We hope that you will enjoy this hack and we will try to fulfill any request. You just need to request a hack for a game here, and f we have the time, we will do it. If you are curious to see the most expensive dragons, or the Super Rare ones and you don’t have the time to gather the resources, than this hack is a must have! I couldn’t afford an Unicorn Dragon (Ultra Rare!) before using this hack (it costs 3000 gold!), so it meant a lot for me. Also, because I know the importance of keeping our devices free of viruses, here is an anti-virus report. Enjoy the hack!
Here’s a pic from my phone to show you that the hack is working.
You can find the hack below.
Dragon Story Hack v4.0
Dragon Story Hack v3.9 (the previous one)

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  1. Roland says:

    I tried a bunch of hacks from other sites but this was the only hack that worked for me. Thank you g4mehacks!

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