Dragonvale Hack

The Dragonvale Hack is a powerful tool made by my at the computer science class. I am a very experienced hacker, with lots of prizes at the computer science Olympiads and hacking is one of my greatest passions. I really like to find out new methods of hacking, and this game was on of my subjects on which I had fun with. I won’t waste your time explaining how I did it, the only thing that you should know is that it is written in C++. If you want to find out more, just use Borland C and recompile it for yourself. I will now explain how to use this hack. First, don’t forget to download it by clicking the big and nice download button from below. Next, complete the survey you are asked and then you will be able to download it. In the next period of time I will show you how to get the free gems, coins and treats that my hack will give to you. Open the program, submit your name and tick whatever you need. The following step is to click on Let it rain! It is obvious that you won’t see in game that it will rain with gems and coins, but actually you will see that you will have 999,999 free gems, coins and treats, whatever you have chosen. I won’t ask you even to thank me, because I have done it because I was bored and because some friends of mine challenged to do this hack. If I can do something good and release it to the general public, it means that I must do this. Other projects of mine can be found throughout the site. Just search for them. Hope you will enjoy this hack like I and my friends did.
Open it by double clicking, and remember that you should plug in your iPhone into your personal computer or laptop before hacking the game, otherwise it won’t be able to make the connections between the game and the iPhone. But I think you have managed to think it for yourself, right. Next, open the application. It will require your username and it will also ask you to tick whatever resources you need: gems, coins or treats. I am using this hack more for gems and coins than for treats, because I usually buy very many dragons from the shop. Next you will have to click on Let it rain. That’s right, let it rain with resources. That’s awesome and cool at the same time, I can’t decide the feeling I have at this moment. But I check the facebook page and I see that I have unlimited gems, coins and treats, and I can tell you that was all I needed. Hope that you have enjoyed reading this tutorial and you won’t have any problems in order to setup it. See you later!

For iPhone
For Android
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