Elemental Kingdoms Hack

Elemental Kingdoms HackElemental Kingdoms Hack is a special tool for Android and iOS that will give you unlimited gold, gems and energy. We really enjoyed playing and hacking this game; it’s made by Perfect World Entertainment, but is this developer different from others? It seems not; they also ask money for resources through micro-transactions. But this game is an enjoyable card game which tries to imitatae, at a point, Hearthstone. With 200 different card and over 80 stages, and also PVP matches, this game really deserves being hacked by us, the g4mehacks team.

Gold is used for purchasing cards, and you need a lot of gold (5 cards cost 10K gold). Gold can be earned in ranked PVP matches, but you can be better at this matches. Gems cost real money in game, and you can but with them cards (1 card for 30, 11 cards for 300) and fire tokens. The energy, which is shown by the Little Blue Running Guy, is required to battle, explore, and finish quests. And low energy is the worst thing in this game, and then what? You will ask your firends for energy? Why humiliating yourself asking for energy when you can be the one who sends free energy to all your friends? Be the most popular guy by using this hack: everybody will appreciate the fact that you are helping them with the energy that they need the most.

The Elemental Kingdoms Hack generates:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited energy

ProofElemental Kingdoms Hack proof

for iOS


for Android


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