Fairy Tail Online Hack

Fairy Tail Online HackThe Fairy Tail Online Hack, made by g4mehacks, generates unlimited gold and silver coins, stamina, honor, and enables VIP.
The game is based on the anime series with the same name. You can play as a Knight, Elemental Mage or Dragon Slayer.  But resources are scarce and you need a lot of gold or silver coins throughout the game to have several items. Also, by generating unlimited Stamina, your character will never die. You can also choose to generate unlimited honor if you want. The Fairy Tail Online Hack can be used as many times as you want, on any OS.

It works on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iE. The Fairy Tail Online Hack has a simple interface to make it very easy to use for everyone. Select the amount of resources you want (from 999 to 99999999), and tick Enable VIP if you want to have VIP lvl 12 permanently. Next, select the browser you use. Finally, press on activate. Now the game should look something like this. It auto includes anti-ban protection, so that this hack is simply undetectable. Works on all the game’s servers, we have tested it on S1 (Earth Land), S2 (Dragneel), S3 (Hargeon), S4 (Edolas), S5 (Fullbuster), S6 (Happy).

Fairy Tail Online Hack generates

  • Unlimited Gold coins
  • Unlimited Silver coins
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Honor
  • Enable VIP

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    Works fine

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    thank you

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    really appreciate it!

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    amazing job guys!

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