Farm Heroes Saga Hack

Farm Heroes Saga Hack, made for facebook, iOS and Android by the g4mehacks team, which will generate unlimited lives, unlimited moves, magic beans, gold bar and will also unlock all the levels. Made by King, Farm Heroes is another freemium game that requires you to buy resources like gold bars. The game has great graphics and the fruits and vegetables are pretty cute, but we hate these micro-transactions.

Lives are limited, and if you finish them all you will have to wait or buy them if you want to play more levels. That’s one bad aspect. The other one is that you are forced to used gold in order to unlock gates. You will start with 50 free gold, and next you will have to buy gold if you want more. You will also need magic beans in order to buy things like shovels, which will help you eliminate any piece from the table. Also, you will have unlimited moves just by pressing on a button! While we were playing this game we had only one fruit to eliminate from the board, and the game didn’t gave us the possibility to complete the level because we haven’t received the right items which had to be removed. That has driven as mad and made us to create the Farm Heroes Saga g4mehacks Hack. It will make this game fair and it will also help you in boss fights and the usual levels.

Farm Heroes Saga Hack features

  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlimited moves
  • Unlimited magic beans
  • Unlimited Gold  Bars
  • Unlock all levels
Instructions for Farm Heroes Saga Hack
  • Download the hack
  • Unzip it
  • Go to UserApplicationsFarm HeroesDocuments (sdcard/Android/obb for Android)
  • Copy the downloaded file into the folder
  • Replace the old file
  • Enjoy the hack


Farm Heroes Saga Hack proof

for Facebook

for iOS & Android

4 Responses to Farm Heroes Saga Hack

  1. Nwe Wah Hlaing says:

    got a lot of gold, thanks

  2. peter mahadeo says:

    I just love this game with this hack

  3. peter says:

    Super hack

  4. Andrea Smith says:

    I just completed and followed the step and downloaded the app, and what a great app! Thank you so much

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