Flappy Bird Hack

Flappy Bird Hack is the only tool for Android, iOS and Windows Phone that give you invincibility, infinite (adjustable score) and all the pipes removed. It’s one of our most complex project, and even if the games seems to be easy to hack, well it isn’t. You will maybe ask us in the commentaries section: Why did we choose to hack this game? Well, because it is an annoying one. Even if you don’t have to buy nothing, that doesn’t mean that we only hack freemium games. We also hack those games who are simply to hard to play for some people, and also for those who want to experiment games at their fully potential.

Today we will talk by the Flappy Bird Hack, made by g4mehacks. The game is made by Dong Nguyen and heavily inspired from the flash game Helicopter. The pipes are clearly inspired from the Mario games, sharing the same color, the green one. In this game you will tap on your screen in order to help a yellow bird pass all the pipes that put it in danger. If you hit one of this pipes, you’re dead. And you can die pretty fast in Flappy Birds. All that we can tell is that if you use the the Flappy Birds Hack, you will not die if you remove the pipes. That’s right, tick remove pipes you won’t see any pipes no more. Do you want to be invincible instead and to pass through all the pipes? Then simply tick Invincibility. Also, you can adjust your score. Do you want to show your fiends that you managed to resist with the little flappy bird for several hours? Than this feature will surely come in hand.

  • Invincibility
  • Infinite (adjustable score)
  • All the pipes removed
  • All the ads removed

This hack works on any Android devices and also on any iOS devices (no jailbreak required!). Download right now using the mirrors below

for iOS
for Android & WP

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