Flappy Doge Hack

Flappy Doge Hack (Dumpy Doge Hack on iOS), made by g4mehacks, is a hack made for Android and iOS that will do what the Flappy Bird Hack (also made by us, you can find it here) will do: remove all pipes and ads, invincibility, editable score and so on. It was easy to hack because it’s based on the same engine as Flappy Bird,

It’s just a Flappy Bird copycat with a popular meme dog, the Doge. The bird can be also replaced with the Doge on iOS so you can use the hack from Flappy Bird to the hacked Flappy Doge game. It’s also quite easy to do it, and you can replace with almost every image you want, even with your friend’s head (that would be a big surprise for them). Just download this image file, and replace the old one from /var/mobile/Applications/”Flappy Bird”/Flap.app.

Flappy Doge Hack is an direct tool in which you only have to swipe from off to on in order to work. It was requested by many of our fans, and we listened to them. We hope that we’ve made a good job and we invite you to download other hacks from our site.

Flappy Doge Hack features

  • God mod (invincibility)
  • Score modifier
  • Remove ads
  • Remove pipes
  • Infinite lives (Dumpy Doge Hack)

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