Flappy Wings Hack

Flappy Wings Hack
Welcome to the Flappy Wings Hack, a g4mehacks tool that will make your bird invincible (Gold mode), remove all ads and modify the score as you wish. This game is another Flappy game clone (you can also find hacks for many flappy games, like Flappy Birds Hack) on our site, since all of them are based on the same engine IOS7 physics engine.
Flappy games are surely frustrating. They may be considered dumb games. In fact these games are simply but entertaining once you get better and better at them. But there are times when, well, Flappy Wings is unfair. Sometimes you won’t hit the green walls, but you will still die. Or if you are concentrated, and somebody will distract you, your bird is dead! To avoid that, use the God Mode feature Flappy Wings Hack. Now your bird is like a ghost: she will pass through walls without dying, and falling on the ground won’t lead to the bird’s death. That’s cool enough. If you want to edit your score, you can do this thing with our hack. Just tap on score and modify it. If you just want to play fair, you will still need to download our hack? Why? Because the game also has many annoying ads. If you press accidentally on one of those ads, than your game is over. Flappy Wings Hack will remove all the ads with ease. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require jailbreak. It will work on any device on which this game works and doesn’t require installation, since it’s a direct app which only requires you to open it. Be the best Flappy Wings player only by downloading the Flappy Wings Hack!
Flappy Wings Hack features
  • God mode (invincibility)
  • Score modifier (max 9999999999999, we chose 1110, because this score is more realistic)
  • Remove ads
Flappy Wings Hack proof
Download the Flappy Wings Hack by clicking on the download buttons below

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