Frozen Free Fall Hack

Frozen Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is the tool that will give you unlimited lives, ice picks, snow balls, moves and hourglass. Made by Disney in order to promote the Frozen movie, this game is plagued by micro-transactions. It is not surprising that we see another game affected by them, but come on! Disney, you could have done better. Just don’t ask players for money, put some ads or something else. It was very easy to hack and it was tested on various devices to make sure that it works without any problems. It doesn’t even require jailbreak.

Let’s talk about each resources that the Frozen Free Fall Hack generates. Lives, like in many other 3 gem swapping games are limited, and after you lose all of them you will have to wait for a couple of minutes or to spend real money for a full set of lives. Why buying lives when you can generate unlimited lives with Frozen Free Fall Hack. It’s a stupid thing not to let gamers play how and when they want, so now you can play as much as you wish. Unlimited moves will also help you anytime. You can’t finish a level with the number of moves provided? Use our hack and unlimited moves will be generated instantly. If you prefer snowballs instead of having unlimited moves, you can select this option. With the hourglass you can freeze the game and with the ice picks (which are infinite after using our hack) you can remove any gem from the board. That means you will never have to lose again, and we all like to win. You won’t ever have to pay for any resources again, only if you download the Frozen Free Fall Hack from g4mehacks.

Frozen Free Fall Hack features unlimited

  • Lives
  • Ice picks
  • Snowballs
  • Moves
  • Hourglass
iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8

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