Galaxy Legend Hack

The Galaxy Legend Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is the only certified tool which can generate unlimited credits, cubits, energy and also VIP. The game is made by Tap4Fun, but whose tapping for fun anymore with all those micro-transactions imposed by the game’s mechanics? Here comes the g4mehacks team to help you generate infinite resources in order to bring the fun back!

The premium currency of this game are credits. They also be earned in-game championships or bought with real money. Now why would you do that if you have here the alternative: the Galaxy Legend Hack! You can buy various things with credits, like level 2 and 3 commanders, projections, Alloy fragments, Speed stones, which are the only stones that can be used in order to speed up all the upgrades and the constructions of all the buildings on the Moon! About cubits, another resource which is generated by our Galaxy Legend Hack, and you can get them in battles by rushes. With  2000 cubits you can also change portals. Use our hack and cubits won’t be a problem no more. Warp energy in order to convert cubits to leptons. You can directly reach VIP 12 by using our hack. You will get all the VIP rewards. The Galaxy Legend Hack is a simple app which doesn’t require install. Open, tap the resources you need and type 99999 or whatever amount you want.

Galaxy Legend Hack features unlimited

  • Credits
  • Cubits
  • Energy
  • VIP – 1 to 12

Download the hack from the following mirrors


9 Responses to Galaxy Legend Hack

  1. Yoshi says:

    I enjoy this hack, thanks

  2. michael says:

    This really worked for me

  3. webby says:

    works for me

  4. Tanya Vasiliev says:

    best hack ever, thank you!

  5. Cameron says:

    Very nice

  6. Frederick Huang JZ says:

    I am living in China and I want to thank you for this hack

  7. Agajere Ajiri says:

    I am living in Nigeria and I really needed this hack tool. Glad I have found the right one here.

  8. Darius says:

    this app’s great!

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