Grepolis Hack

Grepolis HackThe Grepolis Hack, made by the g4mehacks team, is a hack that will give you unlimited wood, rock, silver coins and gold. It works with any browser, auto-detecting it. Made by InnoGames GmbH, Grepolis is a strategy game inspired from the Ancient Greek. But many times you may feel that you don’t have enough resources to buy everything you need. And without a good defense, you know that you are doomed. But the thing that intrigued us the most is that InnoGames asks money for gold. This is normal for mobile games, where micro-transactions exists. But for a browser game? We cannot accept this, so here is the Grepolis Hack.

The Grepolis Hack generates four of the most important resources in this game: wood, rock, silver coins and gold. You will use them for everything, from buildings and their upgrades to troops. And to have a large army, it’ clearly that you will need a lot of these four resources. Gold is the premium resource which can only be bought or earned by inviting friends. With it you can reduce the build as twice as faster than before or even build instantly. You can even become the host of the Olympic Games. Also you can  instantly call merchants or extend the divine power. It’s up to you what will you use the resources for.

Grepolis Hack generates

  • Unlimited wood
  • Unlimited rock
  • Unlimited silver coins
  • Unlimited gold

Grepolis Hack Proof

Download it from here:



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  1. compaan says:

    thank you, this really works for grepolis

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