Hay Day Hack v2.2 by ReVoluTiON!

Hello to the Hay Day Hack v2.2 by ReVoluTiON! for Android and iOS. First, let me tell you what Hay Day is. A very enjoyable farming simulator game in which you buy animals, expand your farm an earn more and more money.
But wait! This game asks for money in order to buy some crappy coins to give to my chicken better food in order to have bigger eggs? That’s crap! But I can’t even eat them. So why should I spend all my precious money on this useless things for this game if this site gives me the alternative! Now, I am sure that I can get anything I want from this game for free. And, because I have many friends which play this game, I will send to all of them this hack, or at least infinite coins and diamonds, because that it what it gives.
There are many people which have waited for ages and spend ridiculous amounts of money for this game. To have bigger chickens, pigs, eggs and other nonsense. Even I spend a lot of money until the game have stolen from me coins and diamonds. That’s enough! I have searched for an entire month until I have found a exploit which allows me to earn a lot of coins and diamonds. And when I said a lot, I meant infinite! That’s right folk, we will now have infinite gold and diamonds and we will go to drink a dozen of beers which the money saved. So now, by using the Hay Day hack, you will be able to buy whatever you want. It will work on any OS and any device which run iOS, such as Iphones, Ipads, Ipods and many others from the Apple family, and also on all Android devices. It will not give you any compatibility errors, and you can use any version of Windows to copy it on your device, thing which couldn’t be done in the past.
Why not using the Hay Day Hack v2.2 by ReVoluTiON will give you unlimited coins and not only just that, but also unlimited diamonds! Now you can buy all your beloved animals and you can start making one of the biggest farm ever existed on this game’s history. The Hay Day Hack v2.2 works and it’s an exclusive hack launched only on g4mehacks.com.
How it works:
  1. First, download the hack
  2. Second, type your username
  3. Choose the device on which you want to use.
  4. Tick coins or diamonds
  5. Type the amount you want
  6. Press Start
Check the game. Now you will have 999999 coins and 999999 diamonds. See below the proof.
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