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We are pleased to announce that, after many days of hard work, nights without sleep and a lot of coffee, we have finally released this awesome tool: Hay Day Hack. With Hay Day hack you can do a lot of things, even if it seems that it’s simple and lacks of other features. But you won’t need more than free coins and diamonds. That’s right, free coins and diamonds for everybody. Supercell ask us to pay money for them. That’s unfair, and our team fights against this developers which want to steal our money. No, that’s it. If you want many make another game, not just milk us as the cows from Hay Day, Last time when I checked I wasn’t a money three nor a cash cow. So this hack will free us from their scheme: cheap game, expensive resources. Now, let me explain you how this hack works. It connects to the server by bypassing all their firewalls, and then cause a malfunction in their algorithm which finally will lead to you having infinite coins and diamonds. I won’t waste your time with C++ algorithms because not all of us are geeks, like me. Download the hack, open it and next you will have to: type your username. The next step is to tick coins or diamonds, whatever you like or need. Click let it rain! Then run to your iPhone or Android device and call your parents: your game is hacked! The coins and diamonds will never end. Each time you will spend coins or diamonds the resources won’t decrease. We guarantee that. Also the hack is free of viruses or any malicious codes. The last thing is that you won’t ever be detected, so you are not in danger of being caught and your account to be closed. Hay Day is one of my favorite games on the iPhone. But let me tell you this: Hay Day requires some usual elements in the gaming industry: gems, and hacks. You know what? There are many people which have waited for ages and spend ridiculous amounts of money for this game. To have bigger chickens, pigs, eggs and other nonsense. Are you one of them? Even if you’re not, believe me, you will love this hack. Why? That’s simple. It has the ability to add unlimited gems and coins to your game. You can see that in the proof below, so clearly I’m not joking. Also, the others cheats from the Internet don’t work as well as this and they may harm your computer or you might get detected and banned! You don’t want to be banned or to break your phone, do you? Than guess this: the hack is also virus free! Even if is hard coded, it is still untouched by malicious codes. So, let’s get to the point of this article: how to get your coins and diamonds. Easy as one, two, three! Download the hack, submit your username and check the boxes with whatever you want: coins or diamonds. The next step is to press Let It Rain! Now check the game. You will see that the hack provided you with 999,999 coins and the same number of diamonds, and you don’t have to spend anything! Use it whenever and wherever you want. The Hay Day hack will do the job that a cheat should have done it. Just don’t waste your time and just enjoy the game having 999999 coins and diamonds. If you finish them, but believe me, it is very hard to finish all of them, repeat the steps described above and press Let it Rain! again. Your phone doesn’t have to be jailbroken, and the hack will work on any os. Just plug in the usb cable into a laptop, mac or PC and let the hacking begin. Thank you for downloading this hack and check our site for other hacks.

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  1. Manny says:

    Thank you, I really needed those coins!

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