Imperia Online Hack v2.8 b

Hello everybody, today I will show you a hack made by the entire g4mehacks team (which is in fact consisted of three members) for one of the best role playing strategy games from the present. You play in the medieval age, where you choose to play either for the Imperians or Nomads. Whatever faction you choose, you need that Wood, Iron, Stone, and Gold, which are the things that this hack give, are vital in order to win. Even if the game is free to play, you still need those resources, don’t you? So why choosing our hack? Well, it is tested already by more than ten people so it’s now compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux. We tried it on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE, Safari. It also gives Diamonds and it has an anti-ban system, used in our previous hack, in order to prevent the server detect you. So, with all of that said, try this hack and enjoy dominating the game!


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  1. luka says:

    It works thanks

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