Ironpants Hack

Ironpants Hack will make you invincible (god mode), remove all ads and also edit your score, on both iOS and Android devices. Because is a popular Flappy Bird clone (for which we have the hack here), we decided to hack it too. It was easy to hack and we hope that you won’t ever be frustrated by this kind of games with hacks like this one.

If the game’s name is Ironpants, than why he falls when he hit the boxes. That just doesn’t make sense! But with using the Ironpants Hack, the game will finally make sense. You will pass through boxes and not get hit by them. Another annoying thing are the ads. Why? Because you can accidentally push on them and your game will be interrupted. If you don’t want this to happen, than download the Ironpants Hack. Finally, if you want to show off in the front of your friends and show them that you have the highest score, you can simply edit the score. Just don’t type a very big score (maximum is 99999999), because nobody will trust you. If you see on the Internet people who have scores that seem to be too high to be real, well you now know why, and you can do the same. Just download the Ironpants Hack from here.


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