Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack

Kim Kardashian Hollywood HackThe Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, made by g4mehacks for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, is the only hack that generates unlimited cash and stars. We do like Kim Kardashian, but that’s not the reason for which we made this hack. We created the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack for Emad’s girlfriend, Anne, Emad beeing of one of our colleague hacker. The game is made by Glu, which is a great developer. Still, they use the In-app purchase schemes every other developer use. You won’t have to spend anything on this game after using the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, that’s for sure. We will also give you some brief Kim Kardashian: Hollywood tips below.

The premium currency in this game are the stars. And you get too less stars at the beginning of the game: two for completing the Leave so chic quest and another one for leveling up. Stars are used for premium items like 6 stars for a watch, 10 for a bracelet or 15 for some sunglasses. Cash, the second resource generated by the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack, is more common and can be earned by completing the tasks required. For them you can buy the usual clothes and accessories for Kim Kardashian. Sometimes you may find yourself with too less in-game cash, so that by using this feature you can have the cash you need. The hack is easy to use and doesn’t require jailbreak. First, download the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack. Open and tap on the off button to become off for which resources you need: cash, stars or both. Next, input the number of cash and star you want to receive. You can use this hack multiple time. After the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack finished rearranging the game’s code, you should see something like this:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack proof

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack generates

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited stars



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