Kingdom Rush Hack

The Kingdom Rush Hack, made by g4mehacks, is the only hack that will give you unlimited stars, gems and it will unlock all heroes,  upgrades, level up and all levels, for both Android & iOS platforms. It’s a great tower defense game in which you will defend your kingdom against orcs, trolls, evil wizards by using towers and spells. The mediums on which you will play varies from  forests to mountains and even mountains. With 18 towers abilities, 45 different enemies and 50 achievments, this game will keep you occupied for hours and hours. This game is similar with Defender, for which you can find the hack here.

But, Ironhide game Studios want your money Gems are sold in the form of handful, bag and chest, which cost  from 2.99 to 9.99. Also, they will ask you money for heroes like Ignus, Bolin Farslayer, Magnus, Denas, Ingvar and Thor. We managed to shrink the file size of this hack as much as possible, so if you don’t use Wi-fi internet, you will still be able to download it fast!

This hack will give you

  • Stars
  • Gems
  • Unlock heroes
  • Upgrades
  • Level up
  • All levels
  • Bonus features listed in the instruction txt
How to use the hack?
1 – Exit game and close from multitask.
2 – Use a File Browser of your choice (or iFunBox if your device is not Jailbroken) to get into the /var/mobile/Applications/KingdomRush/Library/Preferences/
3 – Download the archive
4 – Put it in the directory written above.
5 – Overwrite existing file.
6 – Open the game and enjoy the hack.





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