Laboratz Hack

Hello again! We are proud to announce our latest Laboratz hack that will give you free pills and coins for facebook, iOS and Android. I remember a game which was like Laboratz, the Triple Triad minigame from Final Fantasy VIII. I really liked that mini-game, so that’s why I remember it. Laboratz is a game made by the well known developer Adictz. The idea of the both games is to defeat your opponent by having the cards which has the most  controlled rats. The ‘neighbors’ card are compared, and the one with the biggest value wins and undertakes it. The bad thing is that you need pills and coins for boosters.
The following Boosters can be bought:
Booster (3 Special Rats)
Super Booster (4 Special Rats and 2 Rare rats)
Mega Booster (3 Special Rats, 5 Rare rats, and 1 Very Rare rat) and Final Booster (15 Special Rats, 10 Rare rats and 5 Very Rare rats)

The multiplayer component is the one who made me played this game. But you can get to play with an experienced player (in the Quick Duel mode), as opponents are picked randomly, and some of them kicked my ass. So that’s why I’ve made this Laboratz hack. You can also play with your friends from the buddy list. Sure, this will give you pills and take or give ranking points, depending whenever you have won or not. But strategy doesn’t count, the strength of the rats is the essential fact. In my first battle I was matched up against rats with grade 11 and a grade 33. I had no chance against these two, who had at least twelve rat upgrades behind them and access to dirty tricks I hadn’t even unlocked. The thing that pissed me off is that rats are extremely hard to produce, unless you by them with real money. I don’t agree with that. Why should I pay real money for a game? You can also make them by completing some time wasting and pretty hard missions. I had, before using this hack, only two decent rats and the rest were weak. That means that it’s undetectable. I’ve also scanned it, so you can be sure that this Laboratz hack has no malicious code in it. But now, this hack helped me a lot, because now I’m undefeated for 20 games in a row, and that’s why I release it here, on



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