League of Angels Hack

League of Angels Hack

The League of Angels Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hack tool that generates unlimited gold, diamonds, stamina and also enables VIP. League of Angels is a great browser game, very popular this days, but which still use micro-transaction schemes for unlocking several features like VIP or by selling in-game resources. With the League of Angels Hack you will never have to buy, or complete R2games offers in order to receive the resources you need.

With diamonds, the premium resource of this game, you can buy premium items, like wings, suit or shop mount. You can donate them, use them for alchemy, or you can keep battling in the arena by spending diamonds. Gold, the main currency of this game, is gained after almost each action, but even with your gold earned you will still need a lot more. Gold is used for purchasing almost everything, especially armor. If you want to defeat all your online opponents in the arena, or if you have difficulties at some quests, than you can use the League of Angels Hack unlimited stamina feature. And, thanks to our experience, we also have managed to hack R2games servers so that you can now enjoy VIP for free. We think that it’s not fair to differentiate players through features such as VIP. The League of Angels Hack is easy to use, that’ why we tried to make it with a simple interface, but very effective. It works on every server and on most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and iE. If you don;t have one of this browsers, just tick on Chrome and it will work. It is undetectable so you don’t risk getting banned.

How to use the League of Angels Hack?

First, select the amount of gold, diamonds and stamina you want, or tick the VIP box if you want to become a VIP. Next, select the browser you use. Next, press on activate. After the hack will announce you that it finished hacking, the game should look something like this:

League of Angels Hack proof

The League of Angels Hack generates

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited stamina
  • VIP

Download the League of Angels Hack from here:



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