Line Dream Garden Hack

Dream-Garden-HackThe Line Dream Garden Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, generates unlimited coins, hearts and marbles. Another great game made by LINE, in Line Dream Garden you will have to build an entire city in your attic. You will be helped by nicely drawn pets and youy will have to listen to the dolls to see what kind of city they want. But you cannot do it without hearts and marbles. Being a freemium game, Line Dream Garden sells marbles and doesn’t give them for free, as you can get them from our Line Dream Garden Hack.

Marbles are the premium currency of this game, and with them you can speed things up and buy other premium items. But you need to pay for marbles, and the game doesn’t offer you the possibility to get them for free. We don’t prove with this kind of schemes that developers impose in these games, so that’s why we have hacked it. Now, you can have unlimited marbles anytime. The second currency is represented by hearts. If you don’t have enough hearts you may die soon, but with the Line Dream Garden Hack you can also fill them too. Don’t forget about the coins feature; choosing that will fill you account with a lot of coins. We really enjoy this game, and with unlimited resources like coins and marbles, you will enjoy it even more! The Line Dream Garden Hack is easy to use and doesn’t require root or jailbreak. Just open the hack, tap on the off buttons to become on, input the amount of hearts and marbles you want. The last step is to press on save. The game will look something like this:

Line Dream Garden Hack

The Line Dream Garden Hack generates

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited marbles
  • Unlimited hearts

Download the Line Dream Garden Hack from below



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