Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack

Hello, and welcome to our Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Hack for iOS and Android, that will give you Unlimited ISO-8, Unlimited Hero Points, the ability to buy everything and to upgrade your heroes for free, unlimited gold & crystals, all levels unlocked, and other features that we will let you discover.

Because it’s Christmas time, we have decided to create some hacks that were requested by our beloved visitors on 18th of December. We want to thank our fans for all their support and we want to tell you that you will also find hacks for other Marvel games on our site. But let’s go back to our Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Hack. A game published by D3Publisher needs to fulfill marvel fans expectation, and we think that this game really deserve using the Marvel licence and 28 characters. This game is free to play, and it’s both a PVP and PVE game. The hack will work both online and offline. We have tested it on iPhone 4 and 5, iPad fourth generation, Samsung Galaxy 3 & 4 and other various Android tablets, so that we make sure we will fulfill this request.

Maybe the most important feature of our hack is unlimited hero points. We can generate unlimited hero points, which will save your five bucks which were required if you wanted to buy 600 Hero Points in order to unlock the rooster slots. ISO-8 can be spend, on buying cover, Stockpile Boosts or leveling up a character, among others.

Here’s a proof for the Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack – it’s our first Gif 🙂

How to install the iOS Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack
1. Open the app. Let it update till you load to the menu, close the app from the multitask.
2. Download the hack from here or by clicking on the download button below
3. Unzip, copy and paste the slot0 folder using iFunbox to:
User Applications/Puzzle Quest/Documents/Demiurge Studios/York

You will also a find a bonus guide on how to play the game, in both iOS and Android archives. 🙂

How to install the Android Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack Mod

  1. Install the apk from the archive
  2. Put data on sdcard0/Android/obb/
  3. Play!
iOS (updated February 7, 2014)

4 Responses to Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack

  1. samuel says:

    Mejor juego y hack

  2. dhruv khatri says:

    Well done!

  3. david says:

    I really needed this hack, and it is very good!

  4. Ze Ruela says:

    Works very well, thank you!

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