Order & Chaos Online Hack

Order & Chaos Online Hack

The Order & Chaos Online Hack, made by g4mehacks, is a hacking tool that generates unlimited runes, coins, soul signets and god mode (invincibility) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It doesn’t require root or jailbreak. The game is made by Gameloft, and it’s one of the greatest MMORPG on mobile devices. Being an online game, Order & Chaos Online was the hardest game to hack for us, that’s why we released it so late. With five races: Elves, Humans, Order, Orcs, Undead and Chaos, 1000 skills and 2200 armor pieces, Order & Chaos Online is one of the biggest WoW like MMORPG. But it’s not normal for a big company like Gameloft to sell runes and coins.

Runes are the premium currency of the game. With them you can buy premium items from Ubiquitous Nick, unlock an extra character slot, revive on the spot after death and buy epic armor sets from Greenmont., as well as special pets and boosts. But you cannot get runes through gameplay, and those who buy them are superior at gear, but not at skills. So if you don’t want to be frustrated anymore that somebody with better gear but with less skills defeat you, use the  Order & Chaos Online Hack. Coins are easy to earn, from mob kills, selling useless items, quests and many other activities, like getting a profession. There are three type of coins: copper, silver and gold. Your account can be filled with even 99999999 golden coins if you want that. The soul signets are harder to earn, from bosses, buying with gold, daily quests and others.  If you need a lot of soul signets, use this hack. The last feature is god mode, or invincibility. Using that means that you will never die. The Order & Chaos Online Hack is undetectable and it was tested for over two months on iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use. Open, tick the resources, type the amount you wand and press on save. After hacking the game should look something like this:

Order & Chaos Online Hack proof



7 Responses to Order & Chaos Online Hack

  1. Demarcus says:

    Does it work with the Khalin’s Disciple update?

  2. Ngy BUnHong says:

    thank you!

  3. Matthew says:

    I’m really impressed because I play this game online and the hack really works

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