PES Manager Hack

PES Manager HackPES Manager Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android and iOS, is the only hack tool that generates unlimited funds, energy balls, friends points, game points and also experience points. The game is made by Konami, the company which developes the PES series, the rival of FIFA series. But Konami is no different from other developers, because they use micro-transactions. In this case, they sell energy balls.

Energy balls are the premium currency of this game. You can get them by completing quests and challenges, but that’s it. And it’s really dumb to buy them, or to play this game too much just to get them. Use the PES Manager Hack and you will have as much energy balls as you want. Funds are used for most of the purchasing activities in this game, so you will need a lot of funds. To ensure that funds won’t be a problem for you anymore, we have also added the funds feature. For friend points you can play some friendlies, and you can use them to unlock cards. But why not have the best cards and not have to play with your friends in order to get them? Use the PES Manager Hack and you will have unlimited friend points. For the best card sets you will also need game and experience points. All these mentioned resources can be generated on Android and iOS without difficulties, because the PES Manager Hack doesn’t require root or jailbreak in order to work. Just copy the PES Manager Hack app on your phone and opn it. Next, tap on the off buttons to become on. Type the amount of resources you want and next press on save. After using the PES Manager Hack, your game should look something like this:

PES Manager Hack Proof

PES Manager Hack generates

  • Unlimited funds
  • Unlimited energy balls
  • Unlimited friends points
  • Unlimited game points
  • Unlimited experience points

Download the PES Manager Hack from below



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  1. thiago says:

    Hello good evening, at least in Brazil, I would like to thank you for the PES Manager hack.
    Thank you!

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