Plague Inc. Hack

Plague Inc Hack

Hi, here’s the Plague Inc. Hack that will give you unlimited DNA, genes, unlock all plagues, special plagues and many other features, both for iOS & Android. We like strategy games, and when a game receives the Game of the Year Award, it just can’t pass unnoticed. It’s a really clever game, and it’s localized in many countries, thing that made this game a popular one. The main goal of this game is to infect the entire world!

But doing this require several things, like genes, and also plagues and viruses. It’s easier to start by infecting an island, like Iceland, or Madagascar, or any poor nation. Spread the viruses to all the inhabitants and they will eventually die. There are also more resistant people to these plagues, and it’s better to try to kill them all. By buying the fungus plague by using the resources generated by the Plague Inc. Hack, you will spread your diseases much easier. You can also upgrade the first upgrade tier and drug resistance ability. The Plague Inc. Hack is very easy to use.

As you can see in the screen with the hack above, you can type  the amount of DNA you need. Next, you can select all the features you want. Do you want to unlock all the plagues, so it will be easier for you to kill all the people? Swipe on on unlock all plagues and you are ready to go. Do you need some special plagues? The same. This hack is very easy to use, the only thing that you need to know is how to unzip it and put it on your iPhone. The advantage of the Plague Inc. Hack is that you can do it directly on your Android or iOS device. You don’t have to own a PC or a Mac in order to use this hack, the app will do the job directly on your phone.

Plague Inc. Hack features

  • Unlimited DNA
  • Unlock all genes
  • Unlock all plagues
  • Unlock all special plagues
  • Unlock all scenarios
for iOS
for Android

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