Puzzle & Dragons Hack

Puzzle & Dragons Hack

Puzzle & Dragons Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android & iOS, will give you magic stones, coins, 500x HP, ATK, RUC and max skill level. It will work with the Japanese version, which is the number one game in Japan  (where it is also known as Pazudora), Korean version and English version. Puzzle & Dragons is a free puzzle games where you have to match three or more orbs. You can collect even 700 monsters which can be fused to become stronger. and the number of combinations is unlimited. But as all the fremium games out there, it has some resources which have to be bought in order to fully enjoy the game. Or you can use our Puzzle & Dragons Hack.

Magic stones are the premium currency of this game, and it’s the primary resource that the Puzzle & Dragons Hack will generate. They are expensive, so we recommend using this cheating tool that allows you generating unlimited magic stones. They can be used it several ways: you can use one to revive with full HP,  or to fully replenish your stamina, and, if you fill 50 friends slots, you can buy five additional slots. For 5 magic stones you can uncover one roll, a chance to receive rare monsters. Coins are used for fusions. The 500x HP (you can choose the amount of HP, ATK and RUC you want) will also help you a lot throughout the game.

The Puzzle & Dragons Hack will generate

  • Unlimited magic stones
  • Unlimited coins
  • 500x HP, ATK, RUC
for iOS
for Android

3 Responses to Puzzle & Dragons Hack

  1. Bib says:

    I downloaded the file and the hack works. I tested it myself so I know what I say

  2. Ted says:

    thank you

  3. Laura says:

    It is cool indeed! Saved me a lot of grinding time, now I can play this game without paying a penny!

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