Real Racing 3 Hack

Hello! After months of working overnight in order to hack this game, we’ve finally came up to Real Racing 3 Hack; something that works for this game. But first, let’s see facts about the Real Racing 3. The game was developed in 2013 by Firemint for iOS and Android and released on 28 February 2013 under the freemium license. Although is free, there are things which can be bought ingame. The hack will give you unlimited RS, Gold, boosters, cards and will repair your cars.

How to use the hack
1. Close app Real Racing 3 from multitasking.
2.Download hack from this download button
3.Connect your iDevice to Pc/Mac
4. Run the hack and click “Managing App Data”
5.Locate the icon Real Racing 3 and click on it twice.
6.You need to find Document folder
7. Then copy your Document folder from the Download in second point.
8. Close the hack and play Real Racing 3 !

Or you can try to
1. Close app Real Racing 3 from multitasking.
2.Download hack from the above download button
3. Open hack.
4.Find your Real Racing 3 folder
( IN /var/mobile/Applications , maybe first you need in Settings select “Display App Name”)
5. In RR3 folder go to Documents and copy before download hack folder “Document” to your original Document.
6. Now you can close the hack and PLAY 🙂 !

You have also a video here with an alternative method, let me show it on my iPhone

iOS & Android
Mirror 2

8 Responses to Real Racing 3 Hack

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot, a great hack indeed!

  2. huzefa rajjjjjj says:


  3. Kianrocksify says:

    This hack works on my BlackBerry z10

  4. Bourne1828 says:

    I have the samsung galaxy s5 and this work on my phone

  5. andrei says:

    Nice tk

  6. Al says:

    really awesome

  7. noor says:

    very good

  8. Barry says:

    thank you
    I’ve Android phone

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