Rival Knights Hack

Rival Knights Hack

Rival Knights Hack, made by g4mehacks for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is the only hacking tool that will give you unlimited coins, gemstones, social and royal seals. The Rival Knights Hack doesn’t require root or jailbreak in order to work. The game is made by Gameloft, a great developer for which we hacked several games. We like medieval games and their atmosphere, and Rival Knights is one of those. But still, Gameloft is a developer who tries to squeeze every penny from their players, so this time they have decided to sell both coins and gemstones, which is ridiculous, since usually developer sell only one premium resource. But you can forget about buying them , because the Rival Knights Hack generates all the resources you need.

The gemstones are the premium currency of this game, and you can buy with them rare equipment and boosts. Coins, the other resource generated by our hack, can be won, like gemstones, by winning events. Also you can get them after certain bonuses: if you manage a perfect start, hits and develop a high speed. You can also win coins from training sessions or if you have lost or your result in the event is a tie, but still you won’t have enough coins and gemstones to buy every piece of armor you want. Instead, use the Rival Knights Hack. It will surely fulfill your in-game needs. Other resources generated by the Rival Knights Hack are the seals: royal (against AI) and social (against other players). If you’re out of seals, that means that you will have to wait. But this isn’t a problem anymore, because the Rival Knights Hack generates all of them. The hack is easy to use: download the hack, open it, tap on off to become on and then type the amount of resources you need. After you finished doing that, press on save. You will know when the Rival Knights Hack finished hacking by displaying the following image:




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